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Aloe Vera against Cancer: the Controversial Studies

Though there exist thousands of illnesses and diseases capable of attacking, torturing, and exhausting a human body, only some of them spike immense terror into the minds and souls of people. HIV/AIDS and cancer belong to the latter in the first place.

No wonder, people strive to find drugs able to eliminate these diseases once and forever from the sufferers’ bodies, even if they have significantly developed and taken hold of their victims. Scientists and advocates of traditional herbal healing make their contributions and do their best to save many people’s lives the ways they can.

One of the most potent herbs against cancer is Aloe Vera, as folk medicine states. While herbalists are quite positive about its effectiveness in fighting any type of cancer, many people would like to know what science says about Aloe Vera potential.  

Last century was a real breakthrough in the researching of this herb. As a result, nowadays scientists know what mono- and polysaccharides, tannins, sterols, organic acids, enzymes, saponins, vitamins, minerals and lipids form a chemical structure of the herb. They also note that glucomannan, acemannan, and emodin found in Aloe Vera are of special importance to medicine.

Several trials, conducted in Japan, proved the effectiveness of the herb in cancer treatment. It was stated that Aloe Vera, given orally, helped prolong the lifespan of mice with cancerous tumors, though it did not suppress tumors growth. A research on human cancer cells outside the body on the contrary showed a significant suppression of cancer cells growth.

Another study reports that Aloe Vera, injected directly into the tumors, turns on the immune system, provoking the release of anticancer substances such as interferon, interleukin, and tumor necrosis factor, which results in cancer suppression. Aloe Vera polypeptides and polysaccharides (for example, acemannan) play the key role in this process.Lectins and emodines are also of great help to immune system in destroying cancer cells. As an additional benefit, the herb shows the promotion of healthy cells growth. In other words, Aloe Vera awakens the immune system and makes it start killing cancer.

It is believed that cancer cells form in the body under the favorable circumstances here and there. However, the immune system kills them routinely, reacting on the so-called “cell-to-cell communication”, which is fulfilled with the help ofglycoproteins found on the surface of every cell. These chemicals send signals to the other cells of the body informing who they are and what they need.

It seems cancer makes healthy cells stop sending the messages; consequently, the immune system cannot get the information that help is needed. Aloe Vera supplies body cells with the right sugars (glucose, galactose, mannose, fructose, xylose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine, and N-acetylneuraminic acid) to establish the accurate “cell-to-cell communication”.

Investigating Aloe Vera risks and benefits is in the process. Some studies show great promises reporting about the suppression of skin and liver cancer cells in rats, others show the opposite results after researching the effects of Aloe Vera on human cells tested outside the body. Several trials concluded that the plant can fight lung cancer in people, others ascertained that it promotes endothelial cells growth, which might lead to the development of cancer.

The results are mixed and very controversial for the time being. Though the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved Aloe Vera for the treatment of soft tissue cancer in animals as well as feline leukemia in 1992, using this herb for curing cancer in humans is illegal in the United States. Moreover, the use of intravenous Aloe Vera injections is believed to be the cause of several deaths of those who tried to experiment with this homeopathic means.

Aloe Vera preparations have the status of food supplements, not officially regulated and allowed medications. Maybe it is a good thing to think twice before doing something and to conduct more trials to obtain the official results, but using Aloe Vera is often the only option left for those people suffering from cancer here and now. Cancer does not allow them wait.

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have breast cancer and now is in my liver am have just started the red
2012-03-29 16:36:29
does it interact with the chemo red devil .
2011-04-15 17:32:32
Hey there, I´m Aloe user myself, my kids and wife. We are never sick, nothing hurts, everytime we go for a general checkup, the doctor simply states that we are 100%. Yes, in fact, I read the book of Frei Zago, in Portuguese, and YES, I believe in it. The preparation takes only 4 minutes and cost only 5 USD, price for 1005 natural Honey. Babosa/Aloe we have here in our garden so, no sweat for us. Yes, it has to be over 5 years of age and grown at the same place withou being moved from it and you should take the leaves at night down only after 5 days without rain. Also you should prepare your potion in a very dark area, with almost no light because Aloe has a part that can be harmed with light and be of no use. Well, I hope that everyone should take it, and be safe forever. Even the people of this nuclear plant disaster in japan should use Aloe Juice, this Juice has pelped 100´s of people of Chernobyl, 30 days after the inteke of the Juice, they were all cleaned up of any radiation. So People, go ahead, search more about it, get people that have used it for any kind of nowadays sicknesses, and ask them how they feel today. Use it, for your own sake and health and of course, money, because you won´t find any cheaper. Bye for now.
2011-02-25 02:44:20
aloevera is a good medician for human's tratment
2009-08-11 22:18:43
Frei Romano Zago, a Brazilian franciscan has cured cancer with Aloe Arborescens and he has a book "cancer can be cured" with a simple recipe with aloe arborescens, honey and a liquor.
2009-05-28 00:44:19
Growing up in Hawaii - we used the Aloe Vera plant as the healer for burns - sunburns - scratches - cuts that were deep - and found it affective.
2008-09-12 23:00:41
has someone with cancer tried it and experienced its effectiveness? How much dose was taken?
2008-03-16 10:43:14
I live in the caribbean and so I get the aloe vera plant. I was having a lot of pain in my body and thought why not try juicing the aloe and drinking it.
To my surprise the next morning I did not have as much pain. So I think that aloe vera helps in a lot of ways.
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