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Arjuna: a Cardiovascular Protector

Ayurveda medicine contains many options to treat cardiovascular disorders and protect human heart from the devastating influence of multiple environmental factors and hereditary susceptibility. Different herbs, used either alone or in combination, may be taken to avoid diseases of this system of the human body; however, one of the most popular herbs and those most often prescribed against heart and blood vessels conditions is Arjuna.

The bark of this Indian tree is thick and soft, and it is the home for various beneficial for the human body elements, capable of protecting cardiovascular system, strengthening the heart, improving the function of the cardiac muscle, maintaining blood vessels health, keeping blood pressure in order and balancing the level of all the three types of lipids.

Arjuna bark contains rich deposits of such constituents as saponin glycosides, flavonoids, and oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which all play a significant role in the health of the heart and vessels. Flavonoids, for example, arjunone, arjunolone, and luteolin, are the natural antioxidants. Scientists suggest they work by strengthening blood vessels, protecting them from hardening, thus preventing the risk of atherosclerosis development. Besides, they may be beneficial due to their anti-aging ability. Similar mechanism of action is attributed to the oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which also help maintain blood vessels’ health.

Saponins (e.g. arjunolic acid, arjunic acid, arjungenin) and glycosides (for example, arjunine and arjunetein) are suggested to be able to improve the function of the cardiac muscle and enhance the pumping activity of the heart. As a result, blood circulation is improved as well, which helps avoid a number of different diseases at once. For example, the risk of congestive heart failure and heart attack may be minimized and angina pain may be effectively relieved. In addition, such condition as edema may be prevented as well. 

One more benefit of Arjuna bark is its ability to lower bad cholesterol level slightly increasing the rate of the good cholesterol. It is believed to be done by promoting the turnover of bad cholesterol in the liver, thus accelerating its elimination from the body, and by suppressing blood’s ability to absorb lipids. The main constituents to fulfill these actions are thought to be ß-sitosterol, ellagic and arjunic acids. 

Moreover, Arjuna remedies are reported to be able to fight high blood pressure as well. Not the last role in protecting cardiovascular health play such minerals as calcium and magnesium, found in abundance in the bark of the Arjuna tree.

Therefore, this medicinal plant works as a powerful cardiovascular protector, tonic, and stimulant, as an anti-ischemic agent and diuretic, antihypertensive and hypolipidemic means. It prevents coronary artery disease and heart attack, angina and edema, congestive heart failure and ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, and hypertension.

Taking into account the centuries-old experience of the Ayurvedic doctors and modern scientific research results, no wonder that Arjuna gains nowadays more popularity around the world and occupies the leading positions in the list of the best cardiac tonics in Ayurvedic medicine.

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2013-01-07 13:15:42
how to make syrup from arjuna's bark? please tell me the recipe with its exact quantity and intake?
2011-07-04 04:31:40
I want ARJUN KI CHAAL,Pl's tell me the addresses of stores in Karachi.
2010-10-04 08:15:35
Arjun Tree Bark method is trusted and tried by multiple friends with beneficial effects.
2010-09-13 22:23:23
ARJUN TREE BARK is available at all PANSAR Stores in Pakistan commonly known as
2010-08-27 11:22:42
Where to get the arjuna tree? If possible, let me know urdu, persian, arabic or hindi name for arjuna. Thanks.
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More About Arjuna...

Arjuna Tree Overview

Terminalia arjuna is one of the most popular plants commonly prescribed for ...

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