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Butcher’s Broom to Keep Varicose Veins under Control

Varicose veins are a common problem of millions of women worldwide. Although both sexes are stated to suffer from this health disorder, it most often occurs in women, and it is actually quite a difficult task to find one without visible purple spider-like veins on the calves or between the ankle and the groin.

It is known that all veins in the legs have special valves, which direct blood upward to the heart helping to overcome the gravity. If these valves “leak”, blood can return back in the wrong direction and remain in the veins and capillaries right under the skin, which start to look like small purple lumps.

The reason for varicose veins development remains unclear, although scholars suggest that the condition may be caused by hormonal imbalance, stress and strain to the legs due to the obesity, pregnancy, constipation, or lifting heavy objects. In some cases the disease may be inherited. It may also be aggravated by sitting in the cross-legged position, hormone-replacement therapy, or usage of birth control pills.

Scientists confirm that in the majority of cases varicose veins are of only cosmetic concern; nevertheless, women tend to state that the condition influences their ability to work, walk, and stand for long periods of time adding to the feeling of heaviness, fatigue, and swelling of the legs.

One of the most popular methods to relieve varicose veins is to use herbal supplements. In spite of the fact that they cannot cure the condition, they are quite efficacious in lessening of some disorder symptoms. Clinical studies conducted in the recent years report that the use of Butcher’s Broom plant is one of the most effective options women can take advantage of. This herb is said to reduce legs burning, swelling, and itching.

Scientists correlate positive effect of the plant and symptoms reduction with the presence of chemical ruscogenin – one of the twelve steroidal saponins found in the plant. This component has strengthening action on the vessels walls, reducing their fragility, porosity, and permeability. It is also a powerful vasoconstrictor – the means to prevent vessels dilation. Ruscogenin was found to have an influence on the enzyme elastaze, which action is to accelerate the recycling of the veins lining. Inhibiting this enzyme, ruscogenin prolongs the life of the lining.

Another component of the same class of chemicals, named neoruscogenin, also plays an important role in the health of the legs veins. Working together these two elements tighten the veins, reduce inflammation and swelling. Scientists also note that these chemicals may act directly on the brain adrenergic receptors, which as well results in the constriction of the veins.

Vasoconstrictive and supportive effect on the veins may have Butcher’s Broom flavonoids, rutin being the most studied one. Due to their action not only capillaries and veins strength increases, but blood flow to the brain and limbs improves, adding in the treatment of circulatory disorders, as hemorrhoids or chronic venous insufficiency.

The best therapeutic effect is reached if a patient is treated with ruscogenin tablets or encapsulated Butcher’s Broom extract. Taking these remedies in combination with vitamin C or flavonoids allows making the best of the herb.

This stiff plant, used for years to clean the chimneys, was also successfully employed in the traditional herbal medicine of various European countries to treat many different health disorders. These days, however, Butcher’s Broom is positioned as the most effective remedy against varicose veins, surpassing other popular herbs as Cayenne Pepper and Horse Chestnut.

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More About Butcher’s Broom...

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