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Catís Claw - an Herb That Greatly Enhances the Body's Immune System

The Herb known as Catís Claw is a vine that grows wild in the highlands of the Peruvian Amazon. The vine clings to trees in order to climb upwards to considerable heights. Catís Claw derives its name from the shape of its vine that resembles the claw of a cat. It is the roots and also the inner bark of the vine that are used in a therapeutic manner. Catís Claw is most well known for the potent manner in which it boosts the bodyís immune system.

The natives of the Peruvian rainforest have been using Catís Claw for hundreds of years to treat such serious afflictions as tumors, inflammations and various infections. Modern studies have shown that Catís Claw may be effective in the treatment of AIDs, allergies, arthritis, asthma, bursitis, cancer, chronic fatigue, diabetes, ulcers, herpes, intestinal disorders and skin disorders.

Catís Claw first gained wide attention in the 1970ís when an Austrian researcher took it to the University of Innsbruck for analysis. Some of the elements of Catís Claw that the analysis discovered were a number of powerful alkaloids and also a number of glycosides that had never before been observed as occurring naturally in nature.

Alkaloids are some of the most potent constituents of plants. Many commercial drugs are derived from alkaloids. Some well known alkaloids include atropine, morphine and nicotine. Glycosides are molecules with one part sugar and a non-sugar part that contains the active ingredient. That active ingredient may have any number of uses for or effects on the body.

The sugar part of the molecule aids in the transport and digestion of the active ingredient thus rendering glycosides more effective for the body. Some glycosides, such as the heart activating glycosides from Digitalis, cannot be manufactured synthetically. Our only manner of obtaining them is through extraction from their plant source.

Many of the alkaloids now known to be present in Catís Claw, such as the oxindale alkaloids, are known to strongly effect human physiology. Some of them are potent immuno-stimulants. Tests done on individuals that drank a tea made from the roots of Catís Claw showed an impressive increase in those individuals of a type of immune cell called active monocytes. In fact, increases in the active monocytes of up to 35% or 50% were reported.

In those same individuals, the process of Phagocytosis was significantly enhanced. That is a process where foreign organisms in our body are destroyed by white blood cells. Amongst groups of people who have been tested for results after having taken a standard extract of Catís Claw it was found that their red blood cells were much less likely to break down.

Some of the glycosides now isolated in Catís Claw, such as the quinovic acid glycosides, act as antioxidants and help to nullify the effect of free radicals; molecules that damage cells through harmful oxidation processes. Damage caused by free radicals has been linked to such serious ailments as heart disease and cancer. Free radicals are also thought to play a major role in the process of aging.

In 1994, the World Health Organization recognized Catís Claw as a medicinal plant; thus validating the ancient wisdom of the natives of Peru. In Austria and Germany an extract of Catís Claw is now used in the treatment of such diseases as cancer and AIDs. Research performed in Europe has shown that the anti-tumor activity of Catís Claw is due to the strengthening effect that the herb has on the bodyís immune system.

Catís Claw has been tested as having a positive effect in the treatment of allergies and afflictions to the lungs. Patients with serious allergy induced asthma that took extracts of Catís Claw for a year became free of their symptoms and remained so for over three years! Due to the well-known anti-inflammatory properties of Catís Claw, it helps to alleviate both rheumatism and arthritis. And it is capable of doing so without inducing any negative side effects.

The suggested dosage of this herb is three to six grams a day. For those suffering from severe afflictions that might be helped by Catís Claw, up to 20 grams a day have been recommended.

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More About Catís Claw...

Catís Claw Overview

For centuries the indigenous tribes of the Amazon rainforest have used different plants as a cure ...

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