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Celery Seed and its Use in Herbal Medicine
Biological Description
Originally native to Mediterranean, celery plant has been spread all over the world and is successfully cultivated in multiple areas. The plant belongs to the parsley (Umbelliferae or Apiaceae) family and is highly favoured for its aromatic seeds which are nothing else but dried fruits of the Apium graviolens (biological name of celery). The plant grows up to two-three feet tall and produces the flowers with white petals. Celery is mostly grown for its seeds which are coming from flowers and valued for the high volatile oil content and other organic compounds. The seeds are usually small, crescent-shaped, light-brown to dark-brown in colour and have a strong distinguished smell.
Celery prefers growing in a well-watered soil with rich organic content. The more moisture the plant receives, the juicier seeds it produces. The plant doesn’t tolerate frost and requires moderate sun exposure. Grown in the household, celery should be put in either a hot bed, or in an open garden. When its length reaches 15-25 cm, it is advised to be put into deep trenches. Seeds are usually soaked before planting.
Parts Used
The seeds of the plant, fresh or dried, are used in multiple food and flavour mixes, as well as in medicinal preparations. They include celery salt, dressings, breads, soups, flakes, etc. Celery root and leaf in various are also added as seasoning and independent food components.
The drugstores and shops stock celery seed in a variety of forms – tablets, celery seed oil capsules, celery seed extract, and plain seeds, fresh and dried.
Celery seed is incredibly rich in nutritional compounds. They include vitamin group, iron, zinc, amino acids, volatile oils, coumarins (blood thinners), flavonoids (antioxidants), linoleic acid and many more.
These chemicals provide the seed with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, diuretic, antispasmodic, sedative and cardiac properties.
Health Benefits
Introduced to the Western medicine quite recently, celery seed has been used in the Eastern medicine for quite long. Since ancient times, herbalists applied celery seed to treating such conditions as spleen and liver diseases, digestion disorders, flu, cold, and arthritis.
No human studies have been held to prove the health benefits of celery seed, although animal studies has shown some potential results for various health conditions. They include:
High cholesterol and blood pressure. Being diuretic, celery seed relieves the body from the water excess, contributing to the lowering of high blood pressure. In addition to that, the chemicals in the plant act by reducing the blood flow to the brain, thus decreasing the risk of a stroke.
Same mechanisms work on cholesterol level reduction.
Joint problems: arthritis, rheumatism, gout, pain. Anti-inflammatory properties of celery seed work on reducing joint pain and swelling. Also, acting as diuretic, the plant helps washing away the crystals of uric acid causing the built-up around the joints. For these benefits the plant preparations are advised for people with arthritis, rheumatism and gout.
Urinary tract conditions. Acting as antiseptic and diuretic, celery seed has proved to be effective against cystitis, bladder diseases, and kidney conditions. Women, who are more often affected by urinary tract infections, may use it for the latter as well.
Also, you may find the celery seed extract potent against anxiety and insomnia, weight loss and PMS (fluid retention), tumor formation, and digestion disorders.
People with allergy to protein, pregnant women and patients with kidney inflammation should avoid celery seed consumption.
2010-02-17 17:25:52
Hi, my naturopath gave me the celery seed herb to take in assistance of ulcerative colitis... how does this help??
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