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2014-09-26 19:00:57
I take Gloucasamine/Chrondotin for knee joint pain and Garlic for my heart, I also have developed Arthritus, is it OK to take Boswellia Extract with those two?
Daniel @ djoko77@hotmail.com
2009-06-26 19:44:30
Can the herbs you sell be used for dogs also? I ask because I have an old Border collie-since he was born- BUT in moving to an absolutely horrible area in VA outside of VA Beach,'he was attacked' by all of these bugs I've never seen back in PA!!! The VET I went to-who's born & raised in VA- told me that "because of all these specific bugs that are in the soil witht the peanuts,cotton and tobacco -they wreak havoc on the animals!!" He just "went DOWN HILL" sooo quickly in terms of his stregth in his hind legs ESPECIALLY!!
Thank you!!
2009-05-25 06:28:02
Can you mix Rosehip with Boswellia for arthritis. Which product is the best for ostrioartritis.
2008-11-15 06:18:02
I injured my lower back a few years ago, (L-4 AND L-5). I sustained a herniated disc. I underwent a procedure called a nucleoplasty. I am much better, but I still have pain in my lower back at time. I eat healthy, and still lift weights, minus any axail loading. What herbs would be good to aid with this ailment?
James Godin "jtgodin@yahoo.com"
2008-10-28 17:01:45
I would like to know if there is a herb to help people who bite their nails
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