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Healthy Juice of Cranberry

The mentioning of cranberry juice often makes people feel zesty taste in the mouth just on hearing the word. Among other vitamin drinks this one has not only special taste, but special outstanding properties most of the fruit juices don’t.

Native to the North America, cranberry fruit produces red berries relative to the bilberries, blueberries, and huckleberries. The berry’s chemistry is a flourishing cocktail of vitamins, polyphenol antioxidants that produce preventing and treating effects for various health conditions.

Since all the aging processes are the reason of many body disorders (such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and others), our body needs a strong antioxidant protection against that. In other words, antioxidants are the agents that enhance cardiovascular and immune system.

Anti-aging effect of cranberry’s components was proved after numerous studies that discovered their ability to protect brain cells from free radical damage and losses of subsequent motor and cognitive functions.

Flavonoids, of which cranberry juice is a rich source, possess anti-cancer properties and reduce the risk of cancer diseases, as well as the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Cranberry is also known to contain components inhibiting ulcers and preventing urinary tract infections (the bacterial attachment to the bladder and urethra is inhibited and is flushed out more easily).

Chemicals that block pathogens (elements causing tooth decay) are also found in cranberries. Hence, cranberry products are appreciated for the ability to prevent dental plaque and its older brother – gum disease.

Cranberry juice is seldom drunk as it is due to its rough tartness, being sweetened and thus making cranberry juice cocktail. It is also often blended with other fruit juices. Drinking superfluous amounts of cranberry juice may cause the diarrhea or gastrointestinal upset. Although, one glass of the juice a day is also not enough to make use of all cranberry’s beneficial properties.

According to the researches, two glasses of cranberry juice cocktail daily maintains healthy urinary tract and enhances the work of immune system, protecting the body from harmful bacteria. The beneficial affect is reported to start within two hours after consumption and last for up to 10 hours in the urine. So morning and evening juice cocktail consumptions provide an effective anti-adhesion protection.

So next time browsing the store shelves full in rich juice choices, remember that cranberry juice is reported to be more beneficial as compared to some others. (For instance, pure cranberry juice exceeded by 50 percent the potency of the infamous grape juice by the antioxidant efficiency).

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2010-05-23 18:40:51
i notice when i drink oceanspray cranberry juice with pomgraneate i get heart burn. why does that happen?
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More About Cranberry...

Northern Cranberry

The name of the red tart berry was given to it by the cranes, which traditionally used cranberry as ...

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