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Damiana as an Aphrodisiac in Herbal Medicine

Damiana has been used in folk medicine for centuries. Especially, for its capability to increase sexual desire and enhance sexual performance. Damiana has a strong reputation for being an aphrodisiac.

Damiana is a small shrub that grows 1-2 m high. It bears aromatic, serrate leaves and small yellow flowers. These flowers then are followed by small fruits with a sweet smell in summer.

The shrub can be found throughout Mexico, Central America, in parts of South America and the West Indies as well. For aphrodisiac properties leaves of the plant are used. They are harvested during the flowering season.

Damiana is found in various forms on the market, in form of tea, liquid extract or capsule.

What component gives Damiana a ‘sexual popularity’? Yes, it contains such active components as numerous small, fragrant substances called terpenes (in oil) and antimicrobial substance arbutin, alkaloids, volatile oil, tannins, flavonoids and many others (in leaves). But it gains the fame mostly due to its compounded effect. Specifically due to all of its properties:

Aphrodisiac – works as a male and female sexual stimulant. He has been long used to treat erectile dysfunction and anorgasmia.

Antidepressant – helps to mild depression and emotional stress.

Anti-anxiety – works as a general hormonal balancing. It is good for mood disorders, such as neurosis, paranoia, hypochondria and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Tonic – it tones, balances, strengthens the central nervous system, and overall body functions.

Its calming and stimulating benefits increases its aphrodisiac properties just because they let the one who uses Damiana the possibility to think of sex in world full of stress and problems, and let the one relax and enjoy it. Plus, Damiana contains chemicals that can increase sensitivity in the genitals. Perhaps, that is the reason the plant has a reputation for inducing erotic dreams, when drunk before you gat to sleep.

Researches still do not say, whether it is more effective in women or in men. It is just stated that Damiana somehow increases men’s libido and women’s orgasms.

As each aphrodisiac Damiana only ‘focuses’ sexual energy, rather than ‘creates’ it. It has not only positive toning effect on the nervous system, but also on sexual organs. Moreover, its beneficial properties for gastro-intestinal and renal tracts and for the genitourinary help not only increase the sensitivity in the genitals, but also improve the reproductive activities.

According to the studies on rats Damiana has no effect on sexually potent individuals (theoretically), but it sure increases the percentage of them achieving ejaculation and made them more sexually active (again theoretically). But combining Damiana with other herb (for example, with saw palmetto) gives more effective results. The plant was also tested on females. According to the studies it helps to balance female hormone levels and control hot flashes, and calm down anxiety, depression, thus it may improve female’s sexual response. One study suggests that the plant may have compounds with effects similar to those of progesterone.

For making the preparation at home: take 2-4 g of dried leaves and put them into the cup of boiling water. Then take 2-3 cups of it a day. If you do not have leaves – take 3-4 grams of powdered leaf in tablets or capsules and take it twice a day; or take 2-4 ml of a liquid extract twice a day as well. For tea use a gram of dried leaves, add it to 1 cup of boiling water, after 15 minutes drink it (3 cups per day). It’s important to know, that notwithstanding the fact that Damiana has been reported to be non-toxic in humans and animals, maximum safe dose of it has not been established yet, so try not to use it too often. Another caution, if you have diabetes, hypoglycemia, psychiatric disorder (such as mania or schizophrenia) or had a history of breast cancer – do not try to enhance your libido with the help of Damiana. This is not safe for you. The same is with pregnant and breastfeeding.

For now, there are no scientific evidences, and studies on humans, that Damiana works as a sexual stimulant. To some it helps, to some – not. You would sure gain much more result from the herb when you stop expecting a dramatic reaction after using Damiana. It is not a ‘sexual desire giver’, it is a sexual enhancer. So, you probably should want sex or anticipate it, before hoping for Damiana. And it will work.

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More About Damiana...

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It is an indisputable fact that modern medicine is at constant development and improvement. ...

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