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The Health Benefits of Goldenseal

For the most part exactly such active compounds of Goldenseal as alkaloids determine its influence on organism. The herb is considered to be a strong natural antibiotic so is employed to treat different disorders wherever localized in the body.

It is efficient under inflammatory internal (respiratory, digestive, genitor-urinary) and external (skin) conditions. Alkaloid berberine activates white blood cells which fight with infection.

An important Goldenseal’s peculiarity is its ability to act on all mucous membranes as alterative, antibacterial, astringent, antispasmodic, antiperiodic, detergent, diuretic, emollient, laxative, soothing, stomachic and tonic.

Antiviral and antibacterial effect of Orange Root is used for diarrhea caused by E. coli, Shigella Dysenterine, Salmonella Paratyphi, Giardia Lambia, Vibrio Cholerae; respiratory tract conditions (infection, inflammation or congestion of lungs, throat, bronchi and sinuses); infections of lining of the oral cavity (gum diseases, pyorrhea) and skin ailments (eczema, ringworm, itching).

Several cardiovascular conditions could be treated with Goldenseal because of its ability to tighten blood vessels and to promote the functioning capacity of the heart.

Names Eye Root and Eye Balm were given to herb after successful cure with it various eye diseases like conjunctivitis.

It might be helpful also for wide range of gastrointestinal disorders of different origin inasmuch as it promotes the production of saliva, bile, and other digestive enzymes, reduces gastric inflammation and acts as tonic to mucous membranes of digestive system. The loss of appetite colitis, dyspepsia, gastric catarrh, gastritis, and peptic ulcers, chronic inflammation of colon or rectum and habitual constipation are widely treated with Warnera.

Goldenseal alleviates such female conditions as childbirth (induces contractions), heavy menstrual and postpartum (after birth) bleeding and other menstrual disorders. It is used as vaginal douche for leucorrhea and yeast infections.

The root extract is able to stimulate the function of kidneys and pancreas, to promote the functioning capacity of the lymphatic system, to potentate insulin, to strengthen the immune system and to increase vitality.

The ability to cure chronic alcoholism, night sweats, nausea, vomiting, acne, athlete’s foot, herpes, psoriasis, cerebral engorgements, tumours, diphtheria, anal fissure, gallstones, congestive jaundice, goitre, non-malignant mammary tumours is also ascribed to this miraculous herb.

However herbalist Paul Bergner denies a lot of properties arrogated to Goldenseal. He claims that effectiveness of the herb against cold and flu is a myth. Its antimicrobial effect lies in ability to increase the flow of mucus which contains antibiotic factors of its own. But this process is helpful in stubborn bronchitis and absolutely unnecessary on the early stages of cold.

One more wrong believe about Yellow Root is that it is an effective drug test mask and “blood cleanser”. Numerous studies had recently shown the opposite.

In spite of numerous contradictions concerning its efficiency and rationality of its use Goldenseal is still much in demand being intensively cultivated and applied.

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Golden Seal

Goldenseal is a small (from 6 to 12 inches high) perennial herb, with a horizontal bright yellow root (¼ - ¾ inch thick), erect flowering ...

2011-08-17 14:16:11
Everyone, please be conscious that Goldenseal is an Endangered Herb that has suffered from irresponsible over-harvesting. If you're buying it, make sure it's cultivated, not harvested from the wild.
The roots are the most active part, and tincture (alcohol extraction) is the usual form of administration. A simple tea (infusion) will not extract the active principles very efficiently and you'll waste some of this valuable and expensive herb.
Contrary to popular belief, this is not an herb for colds and flus, nor does it act as an anti-bacterial or anti-viral systemically. It has those effects only in the digestive tract or topically. Think of it mainly for mucous membranes (digestive tract, sinuses) and ulceration of any kind, and for the eyes.
It is too strong an herb to use for long periods. It is not effective for passing drug tests.
2010-04-09 02:33:24
Goldenseal and Garlic curse my HPV, after 3mth my HPV when away
2010-03-27 08:01:21
what are the best parts of goldenseal in tea, the leafs or the root ? Or both togeter ? I had bowelcancer and i am looking for alternatives. I have both herbs in my garden echinacea (coneflower) pallida and angustufolia and goldenseal , but in very small quantity.
2009-05-12 23:45:11
Goldenseal has been very helpful for treatment for preventing recurrences of bacteria infections. God bless this product.
2008-09-02 12:23:30
Began taking 75mg of echinacea and 100mg of goldenseal twice a day. Within 4 days I experienced a 25% increase in size (I'm a middle-aged male). Has this ever been reported? I've never heard of this reaction to echinacea/goldenseal. Any input would be great.
2008-08-18 14:55:14
What will help to mask, Marijuana use, It in itself is an herb
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More About Golden Seal...

Golden Seal

Goldenseal is a small (from 6 to 12 inches high) perennial herb, with a horizontal bright yellow ...

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