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Cellulite and Varicose Veins Elimination with Gotu Kola
It is a common knowledge nowadays that plants and herbs may be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs if used for medicinal purposes, or even more effective that the latter. It is also not a secret that every plant, being crammed with a host of different chemical components, can be used as a remedy to fight various diseases.
Gotu kola also possesses powers to heal people curing a large number of illnesses and returning vitality. No wonder it is sometimes called “Indian ginseng” (due to its origin). This time, however, let us concentrate on its ability to eliminate veins insufficiency (varicose veins) and preserve beautiful skin preventing the development of cellulite.
Varicose veins, a common problem of millions of people, especially women, develop due to the weakening and damaging of the walls of blood vessels. The result of this process is sluggish blood circulation, which leads to stagnating of blood and popping of the vessels. Varicose veins most often occur in the legs. If veins are damaged, blood and fluids can even leak through the affected areas into the surrounding tissues causing swelling, discomfort in the legs and their tiredness.
Gotu kola contains many different ingredients: various alkaloids,chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, selenium, silica and zinc. flavonoids, tannins, sterols, pectin, volatile oil, triterpenes, and glycosides. Compounds, which were recently isolated, are centellin, asiaticin, and centellicin. Besides, the plant contains vitamins (A, B, C, D) and a number ofminerals: calcium,
Scientists and herbalists state that some of them are very valuable for relieving varicose veins. It is suggested (and some clinical trials have already proved it) that gotu kola strengthens and promotes the production of epithelium cells, which form the inner and outer lining of the blood vessels.
The most active components of gotu kola are triterpenes and glycosides. They are asiaticoside is the key element in the process of supporting and strengthening blood vessels walls.said to be responsible for maintaining healthy and strong blood vessels, preventing them from bulging and leaking of the fluids into the surrounding tissues. It is believed that
Triterpenes also promote the formation of connective tissues’ main compounds – collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan. If connective tissues, which surround blood vessels, are firm and strong, they also help support the veins.
In addition, gotu kola improves blood circulation, so that it flows easily up to the heart and, actually, has no chance to stagnate in any areas of the blood vessels. Thus, the plant has, so to say, a three-folded action on the venous system.
Cellulite is another problem, which can be solved with the help of gotu kola. The matter is that this condition is also caused by the lack of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan, which form the bulk of the connective tissues. If the latter fail to do their job, the deep-level fat cells are not held in place. By strengthening the connective tissues gotu kola promotes the breaking of the process of cellulite formation.
To make a conclusion, it is possible to say that gotu kola not only improves health treating many illnesses, but preserves the beauty of the body, skin in particular, which is especially important for women.
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Gotu Cola

Biological Description Gotu kola (or centella asiatica) is a tasteless, plant with no odor that thrives in and around water. This perennial plant ...

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More About Gotu Cola...

Gotu Cola

Biological Description Gotu kola (or centella asiatica) is a tasteless, plant with no odor that ...

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