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Grapefruit seeds

Biological Description

Herbal products from grapefruit seeds are taken from the Citrus paradise from family Rutaceae. The fruit is also known under the biological name Citrus racemosa.

Grapefruit tree is rather tall, can grow from 5 to 15 m, depending on age. It has big glossy dark green leaves with white-creamy dots, the flowers are white. It bears a fruit that we all know as grapefruit. It is rather big (the size of an orange), round with white pink to deep red thick dotted pill. It has a strong pleasant odor goes all round the tree. The fruit is very juicy and tasteful when ripe. You can find white seeds inside of a fruit, the number of it defers depending on the variety of Grape fruit. Some of the varieties are seedless; others have from 20 to 60 seeds (Triumph, Duncan, Foster, Star Ruby).


Grapefruit tree grows in warm countries with tropical climate. It is native to Asia, but now can be found in different countries: USA, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, China, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, India, etc.

Grapefruit tree prefers warm climate (the cooler the winters the thicker the pill of the fruit) and high humidity. The length of flowering depends on the temperature in each country (from 7 to even 13 months) till the fruit becomes fully ripe. As for the soil, it is more important that each variety of trees would adapt to each type of soil.

Parts Used

All parts of the fruit is used in herbal medicine. The fruit is consumed raw as it is very tasty and juicy (plus for making a juice); the peel is mainly used in aromatherapy; the seeds are used to make extract solutions and oil (pulp and seeds hulls are also used in other purposes).


Seeds are used for making Grapefruit seed oil (that is much like olive oil in flavor and close in usefulness) and Grapefruit seed extract. You can find extract solutions in form of powder (in different antibacterial and others formulations, capsules), in liquid form that requires dilution (concentrated) and don’t (in different sprays for disinfection).


Grapefruit seeds possess the qualities of natural antibiotic. It has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which mean it kills almost every virus, bacteria and germ plus it stimulates defense system of your body. Moreover, extract works both internally and externally. Its other useful property is base on the antioxidant activity.

Grapefruit seed extract contains bioflavonoids, ascorbic acid, Vitamin E, citric acid, minerals and some other important constituents. Little content of sugar and plenty of oxygen makes extract rather effective in fighting yeast infection as well.

Health Benefits

Grapefruit seeds preparations are used in herbal medicine for countless ailment and conditions.

·  They work as a natural antibiotic (fight various types of infections, bacteria, viruses and fungi)

· They naturally detoxify you body and stimulate your immune system

· They make a strong environment in your body that due to alkalizing effects all that harmful microforms can not survive in it

Internally Grapefruit seed extract is used for:

-  Infection from bacteria, virus or fungi

-  Yeast Infection

-   Infection from parasites (even from head lice)

-  Oral Infections (tooth, mouth, breath)

-  Ear, throat Infections, sinusitis

-  Colds, flue

-  Digestive and gastrointestinal problems

-  Osteoporisis

Externally it is mainly used for:

-  Skin Infection (different types, including acne and warts)

-  Wounds, cuts, rashes, itch

-  Fungus Infections of nails

-  Parasites

-  Herpes simplex virus

The list should be much longer as the benefits are numerous. Mind, that the extract is usually sold in concentration. Follow the label and your doctor’s prescription. Three more pluses in using this herbal solution:

  1. It is nontoxic (to produce 12 % chance of poisoning you need to exceed the dose in 1000 times!)
  2. It is considered to be hypoallergenic (unless you have citrus allergy), which is very important for long period of using 
  3. It has no side effects (if you are not appeared to be allergic to it)

Grapefruit seed extract is considered to be effective, but as with all herbs, it is better to consume raw grapefruits and gain much profit from eating juicy tasteful fruit than to swallow pills (or drink extract) and comfort yourself that you treat yourself with benefits of herbal medicine. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat more grapefruits with seeds:)

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