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Guarana Side Effects - Details and Cautions of Guarana Use

Like coffee, tea or cocaine brazil-herb guarana is an effective stimulant of central nervous system. It contains 2.5 times more caffeine than coffee. Exactly caffeine is involved in production of alert state for a long time. The clear understanding of the way guarana acts by is impossible without detailed consideration of caffeine influence.

Caffeine acts in two ways: 1) Being adenosine agonist it binds adenosine receptors in brain. As a result adenosine, which function is to slow down nerve impulses, can not do his work and nervous system remains excited for a long time. 2) Increases level of dophamine in brain. Dophamine is a substance which improves mood and feeling of well-being.

Described above changes in brain caused by caffeine lead to increase of arterial tension and temperature, heart excitement, shortcut perception and boost in energy.

Because of these properties guarana is used in tonic beverages. But the problem is that itís good only for brief infrequent stimulation of nervous system. Products containing caffeine for nervous system are similar to a whip for the horse: in the end this doping exhausts nervous system very much.

The consultation with the therapist before first guarana use is desirable. But it is necessary in the case you have heart disease, diabetes, overactive thyroid, kidney disease, anxiety disorders or a history of ulcers. The information about your relations with cigarettes (if you smoke or recently have stopped smoking) would also be useful for your doctor and for you finally. Be careful with guarana if you have any allergenic reactions (especially to plants).

When all precautionary procedures are passed and you are ready to begin stimulation of your CNS with guarana remember about fatal dose of caffeine. Limit your consumption of other caffeine containing products (coffee, tea, chocolate).

Guarana may have such side effects as insomnia, trembling, hyperactivity, urinary frequency, palpitation and anxiety, nausea, stomach upset, trouble sleeping, tremor, fast or irregular heartbeat, lost of appetite, heartburn, black stools or headache. As a rule all of them are brief and disappear after stop of use the irritator. Co-use of vitamin B may counteract some side-effects. Search for medical care demand more serious health problems: difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; chest pain; swelling of the lips, tongue or face.

Enduring use of guarana may lead to cardiovascular disease, alteration of the blood sugar, decreased fertility and even several forms of cancer. Moreover it may cause anemia or other health problems in children.

Having overdosing of Paullinia Cupana which usually is accompanied with such symptoms as agitation, irritability, tremors, painful urination, stomach cramps or vomiting, call emergency immediately.

Notice also that guarana counteracts with alcohol, birth control pills, ephedrine, cimetidine, disulfiram, ciprofloxacin, enoxacin, theophylline, water pills (like furosemide) and other stimulants (such as phenylpropanolamine). The result of guarana interaction with anticoagulants is inhibition of platelet aggregation and increased risk of bleeding.

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Guarana (Paullinia Cupana or Brazilian Cocoa) Ė climbing shrub of Amazon Basin. Found in Brazil, South America and Venezuela. Its growing in Uruguay ...

calling you out
2011-09-11 10:26:42
Guarana is NOT an herb, it's a fruit. And one glass of guarana soda, or juice, actually has less caffeine, than a cup of coffee. There is more caffeine in the seed, than in a coffee bean, but it's the fruit that is used in soda and juice. It isn't rocket science! This site is misleading. There's a reason 190+ million people drink it without worry. For those of you quick to blame guarana that is used in supplements, you should be more concerned about the other crap used in the products. Natural fruits are rarely the culprit.
2011-09-05 09:47:02
This website is awesome i have so much information that i can't explain.i have found about 90% of these plants in my area.
thanks veryyy much
2011-02-12 10:29:26
I am doing a project on guarana in school and this is the only site with the neurotransmitters
2010-08-25 11:24:07
This is very helpful, thank you. I started taking a Vitamin supplement that contained Guarana. I started having diziness, headaches, sleeplessness, and fatigue. I went to see my doctor because I thought something was seriously wrong with me. He told me to stop taking the vitamins and said that Guarana had not been fully tested by the FDA and he did not trust it for any use.
2010-07-13 05:36:29
I found a very good supplement which contains zeolite as a detoxificant and antioxidant and natural guarana for energy..... i am very happy with it......
2009-08-28 10:03:20
Have been using it to study for exams - grind whole beans in the coffee grinder. One small teaspoon in a cup of boiling water, add milk or cream to soften the taste. Tastes rather earthy, but works brilliantly. Cuts hunger and improves concentration/focus and the affect lasts all day. I suggest one drinks it early in the morning or you may have trouble sleeping in the evening.
2009-06-16 14:48:13
I had a drink that gave me a good boost - 24 mg of guarana - liked it. found tho that I can get pretty bitchy and aggressive. I cut back and found that I like the focus and energy it provides and don't seem to have the same symptoms. Good stuff taken in moderation!
2006-07-29 07:21:33
I ordered the dead sea patch which contains Guarana and had no side effects until the other night. I was asleep and was horribly woken up by dizziness and cold sweats. I immediately took the patch off but this sensation lasted most of the night and the next day I was totally exhausted. I felt like I was recooperating from a hangover. I have no known heart problems and need to lose 30 pounds. This product help me get off 5 lbs in a week. I'm tempted to cut the patch in half and try that but I don't want to go through what I did the other night.
2006-07-03 10:27:39
Best info I've found. Thank you!
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More About Guarana...


Guarana (Paullinia Cupana or Brazilian Cocoa) Ė climbing shrub of Amazon Basin. Found in Brazil, ...

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