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A vine-like weed called kudzu used to be a “problem” herb for many decades after it has been introduced to America in the beginning of 19th century. It was mostly used to control soil erosion, although the vines of the plant grew rapidly and invaded human homes and other expanded areas. In Chinese herbal medicine, however, kudzu (Pueraria lobata) has been used for medicinal purposes and was greatly favored for its ability to help lessen alcohol intoxication. Kudzu belongs to bean family; it is a climbing semi-wood perennial with deciduous leaves and purple flowers that produce brown, hairy, flattened seed pods.
Since its introduction to modern herbal medicine, a number of studies took place to investigate the medicinal benefits of this relatively new herb. The major chemical constituents in kudzu are isoflavones (puerarin, daidzein, and daidzin). It has been found that their action is promising in helping to curb alcohol cravings.
Chinese professor Wing Ming Keung has studied kudzu since 1993; however official researches that included observation of male and female subjects consuming alcohol while taking the herb occurred later. The conclusion of the research stated, that consumption of the herb provoked the decrease of alcohol consumption due to the lessened craving. People felt drunk after consuming lesser than usual amount of alcohol; hence the alcohol intake was reduced.
The exact impact of kudzu’s chemicals is still not fully researched, but the specialists assume that the herb is able to increase blood alcohol. In general, alcohol consumption drops by more than 50 percent in regular alcohol drinkers. Also, the flower of the herb is proved to be the best remedy for alcoholic hangovers.
Moreover, besides suppressing the appetite for alcohol, the herb acts improving the function of alcohol-affected vital organs, too. In addition to taking kudzu to lessen alcohol cravings, specialists suggest enhancing its actions with the vitamin B and mineral supplements, and avoiding processed foods with extra sugar in them (sugars link to alcohol cravings).
In traditional medicine there are few options available for alcoholism treatment, while alcohol abuse leads to a great number of related deaths. The use of traditional medicines may be problematic due to their potential side effects, while kudzu has no side effects reported.
Kudzu is available at market in capsule forms, tablets, and alcohol free liquid tinctures. The dried root is also sold as a material source for various medicinal preparations. The plant has bland, chalky taste and usually acts as thickener when mixed with water. In Asia kudzu tea is a common form of the herb consumption.
Consulting a health care provider is the first step to start the treatment and get rid of the destructive habit to reach for the bottle.
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 Biological Description Kudzu (or Pueraria lobata (syn. Pueraria montana, Pueraria thunbergiana)) is a fast-growing, climbing, woody or ...

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More About Kudzu...


 Biological Description Kudzu (or Pueraria lobata (syn. Pueraria montana, Pueraria ...

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