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Premature Aging and Herbal Remedies
Premature aging is rather peculiar medical condition. It occurs when the cells in human body die faster than new ones are generated. Without diseases of premature aging, people could live up to 120 years.
Typically, obesity, diabetes, cancer and other chronic diseases are the ways in which the aging affects the body, being the result of cellular destruction. With improper diet (high in calories and lacking multivitamins) and the action of other damaging factors (e.g. pesticides and ultraviolet radiation), the body produces vast amounts of highly reactive oxygen molecules, known as free radicals.
These molecules attack healthy cells, accelerating the aging process. Premature aging can be prevented in a number of ways – healthy lifestyle and proper diet are able to protect against free radicals and subsequent chronic diseases.
The first common sign and signal of aging is pain. It is the first alarm that should notify that there is a certain disorder in a definite body part. That may be the result of inflammation, tissue damage, insufficient blood supply, or pressure within an organ or on surrounding tissues. Sometimes diseases just strike a person and he/she finds out about the cancer, heart attack or a stroke. Other obvious signs of the “body’s fading” that are less serious than diseases include loss of hair in men and women needing reading glasses because of presbyopia.
A number of factors causes premature aging of the brain, circulation, heart, joints, skin, digestive tract, and immune system. They include injuries that have not been completely healed, toxic chemicals, allergies, pure nutrition and diet, excessive radiation sunlight, overwhelming stress, and lack of physical activity. Some specialists connect premature aging to genetically inherited peculiarities. 
Traditional Approaches
Anti-aging therapy has become a common practice nowadays. Treatment program is usually defined after the thorough examination and testing for antioxidant status, immune system function, digestive analysis, hormone status, circulation, and other aging markers. It includes therapies that emphasize nutrition, enzyme enhancement, hormone replacement and lifestyle changes. Other treatment options depend on definite conditions that are peculiar for every single patient.
Alternative Approaches
Taking herbs to prevent premature aging is quite popular both in herbal medicine and in traditional one. Although, with time human body becomes accustomed to the herbs and their effectiveness tends to decrease. Nevertheless, here are some popular anti-aging herb remedies.
Ginseng acts relaxing and reducing the effects of the stress, stimulates physical and mental activity, reduces blood sugar and cholesterol.
Rhodiola Rosea belongs to adaptogen group of herbs. Active compounds of the herb increase energy levels, stimulate immune system, raises body resistance against toxins, and helps split fat stored in the body.
Similar to ginseng, gynostemma pentaphyllum balances and regulates overall body system, normalizes cardiovascular and hormonal systems, and supports circulation.
Ashwagandha is not only used for infectious diseases, but also relieves stress, amnesia, viral infections and possesses anti-oxidant properties. Fo-ti prevents the grey hair and supplies body with essential minerals, such as calcium, manganese and iron.
2010-10-14 07:02:29
To stop premature aging, one can take mixture of Indian herbs called - Gado,Gokhru, awara, vidarikand, asagandh, kounch and satawari. Take the equal amount of powder of this ingredients (Approx. 50 grms each) Mix all these ingredients and than take one tea spoonful powder and mix it with two table spoon of honey and one tea spoonful of cottage butter (Cow butter - ghee) Mix it to gather and drink it and than after 15 mts. take 250 ml hot milk. It is good to take one dose in the morning (with empty stomach) and one before going to bed. You will find result and energy level within 15 days.If I find english words for these herbs, I will put it in my next message.
2010-10-14 06:46:05
Premature aging can also be control through different types of Yoga postures and meditations. Stress, worries, depression and anxiety are the main roots for premature aging. Good life style, good habits like early to bed and early to rise followed by Yoga , meditation and different type of breathing patterns - PRANAYAMA helps a lot. I have been doing all these therapy and it works very well. At the age of 59.9, still I look like 45 years YOUNG MAN. For keeping healthy, firm determination, descipline in lifeand healthy diet and good habits are very essential.
2010-07-30 05:11:49
i can say that taking ginseng regularly helps your mind body so alert and its so good even if you have a long day...its great..
2009-06-29 18:37:36
hi this was a good topic and provided good knowledge but if we can know reasons of other problems too it would be very good, like greying of your eyebrow and eyelashes! recently one of my friend who is just forty yearls old noticed that she has one grey hair in her lash and in her eyebrow.. she plucked them out but very confused as to why was that ? if someone can clarify as to why these conditions occur, it would be very helpful
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