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Varicose Veins and Herbal Remedies

Varicose veins is a widely spread medical condition with undesirable cosmetic effects. It mostly affects those who spend a big deal of time in upright position and walking a lot.

The mechanism of varicose vein formation is connected to the structure of veins that provide the blood flow to the heart. The valves in the blood vessels work on keeping up the stream of blood by leading it in one direction, and when they fail to perform this function, the blood settles down in veins creating the twisted curves seen on the skin.

These twisting parts usually appear on legs and thighs, since blood is accumulated in this body part more than in the others and veins here are thicker. The condition is often accompanied by spider veins – netted visible vessels of red or purple colour.


The general and common symptom of varicose veins is a cosmetic effect of the condition. Enlarged veins on the skin look twisted and slightly swollen. Some individuals also experience pain, cramping, throbbing and heaviness in the legs. Itching in the ankles is often mistaken for skin irritation, but in patients with varicose veins it is a sub-symptom of the condition.

The complications of the varicose veins problem appear in a form of skin ulcers in a lower leg area, and they require immediate medical care.


Since vein valves do not perform their function properly in patients with varicose condition, it leads to the conclusion that this is the major reason of swollen and damaged veins. This dysfunction might be caused by various factors. One of them is weakness of the veins’ walls developed due to the increased pressure connected to obesity, pregnancy, or growing with age. 

Also, the decreased elasticity of veins contributes to their weakening, when the blood has the ability to fill stretched areas producing the varicose effects.

The factors contributing to developed varicose veins include sex (women suffer from the condition more often due to the hormonal factors), genetics (family history of varicose veins), and standing upright for a long time.

Medical Approaches

Except changing lifestyle habits to avoid triggering the formation of varicose veins, traditional medicine treats the condition in various ways. They include the removal of damaged veins or closing them. These are achieved by using injections, incisions, or surgery. Laser surgery, for example, doesn’t require any intrusions and removes the varicose effects.

Alternative Approaches

One of the popular herbal remedies for varicose veins is an extract from chestnut seed. The active anti-inflammatory compounds in it remove swelling and other symptoms of varicose condition.

Gotu kola is another effective treatment. It improves blood flow, tones the connective tissue around the veins, and helps preserving elasticity of the veins.

Bilberry (often sold in a blend with gotu cola) protects veins from swelling, prevents vessels from damage, and provides anti-ulcer effects for the swollen veins.

Ginko Biloba possesses tonic effects on vascular system in general and improves overall blood flow.

Butcher’s broom with its active compounds ruscogenin and neoruscogenin works on strengthening the walls of veins contributing to their general health. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also used in treatment of related to varicose veins conditions - chronic venous insufficiency and haemorrhoids.

Cayenne works by dissolving protein that makes veins stiff and lumpy. Similar effects are achieved by consuming ginger, garlic and onions.

Herbal tea prepared of hawthorn berries helps strengthening veins and improving circulation in general.

Witch hazel is included into topical applications for varicose veins. The symptomatic relief is usually observed after two-three weeks of its use.

For the pecularities of using each herb refer to your health care provider who will suggest best dosing and consider possible individual side effects for you.




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