Cancer and Herbal Remedies


Cancer is the general name for a group of disorders caused by uncontrolled division of cells and the ability of these cells to spread throughout the organism. Depending on tumor location a disease may have different names like Carcinoma, Lymphoma, Sarcoma, Mesothelioma or Glioma, where suffix -oma means tumor by itself.

DNA damage results in mutations to genes that encode proteins controlling cell division. A number of mutations, which also could be inherited, transform normal cells into malignant. At the stage called metastasis cancer cell are transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system.


Diagnosis of cancer on the early stage – is the requisite condition for successful treatment. For this reason almost absolute absence of symptoms on this stage appears to be a great problem. Cancer detection could be performed either by cytological analysis of cell samples or by apparent signs which vary depending on tumor location.


Different causes, as a rule a complex of them, could be responsible for such mutations. Chemical or physical agents, close exposure to radioactive materials, certain viruses, poor diet, our environment, reproductive and sexual behavior – are factors that cause cancer. Some scientific evidence indicates that cancer can be developed when certain genes (oncogenes) that are present in an inactive form in normal cells become activated.

Medical Approaches

Common medical approaches to treating cancer include surgical ablation of tumor, drug delivering through bloodstream (chemotherapy) and elimination of malignant cells by methods of radiotherapy. The less harmful for healthy tissues and the most promising method even for deep localized tumors is proton radiotherapy.

Alternative Approaches

During the long history of cancer humanity has experimentally invented and proved lots of alternative approaches to overcome the mortal disease. Herbal medications are believed to be useful for cancer and chemotherapy side effects.

The most effective herbs for cancer treatment are: Echinacea, Black Walnut, Slippery Elm, Burdock, Sheep Sorrel and Turkey Rhubarb.

Echinacea is used alone as well as with other herbs to increase their value. It is natural strong immune system stimulant and glandular balancer.

Black Walnut appears to be a powerful antiseptic with abilities burn excess toxins and fatty materials and to kill all parasites in the body.

Slippery Elm is believed to heal all mucous membranes and so is used for inflammation of the lungs, bowels, stomach, heart, diseases of the female organs, kidney and bladder.

Burdock and Sheep Sorrel reported to be very good for cancer because of blood purifying properties. The first one acts by intensive liver stimulation, latter – clears morbid matter from the system.

Being an effective stomach tonic Turkey Rhubarb cleans the entire digestive tract, stimulates colon action and glandular secretions.

Unlike traditional chemicals, herbal remedies for cancer are in their most blood purifiers, and their main action is directed into cleaning the entire organism. Agrimony, Borage, California Poppy, Catnip, Chamomile, Comfrey, Eucalyptus, Heartsease, Hyssop, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Marigold, Marshmallow, Mullein, Sage and Thyme – an additional list of herbs usually used to treat or prevent cancer and to neutralize harmful effect of drugs.

Bucky Ball
2012-07-15 21:39:11
Most chocolates are made with sugar, cocoa, and soy lecithin. Studies proving the healthiness of cocoa and cacao, don’t prove the healthiness of chocolate. Per Epstein and Olsan, March 5, 1912, lecithin increases fermentation. Per „”, cancer metabolizes through a process of fermentation; and fermentation requires sugar. Many people break out after eating chocolate because their bodies do not easily digest/assimilate soy lecithin. Also, consuming soy lecithin and sugar, combined, can accelerate cancer-tumor growth, especially if the tumor is located in an estrogen-receptive and anaerobic environment like the breast.
2011-05-06 22:59:10

Dear all,

I read quite a few articles from magazine that Soursop tree leaves or graviola leaves has been proven to cure cancer. I personally do not have any experience in this field but I want to share what I read. It is stated that graviola leaves from soursop trees that has bear fruits have the most nutrients and minerals to help kill cancerous cells in the body. The amount of leaves to be boiled depends on the severity of the disease. The amount to be boiled could range from 3-75 leaves. The way to make the graviola leaves tea is to boil the leaves with 3 cups of water to make it into 2 cups. Boil the same leaves again with 1 cup of water to make into 1/2 cup. Combine the 2 cups with the 1/2 cup and drink it 2-3 time daily. If the patient experience difficulty breathing reduce the amount of leaves boiled. Once again, I do not have any expertise on this issue, however, I am just passing on what I know from the articles that I’ve read from a few magazines. Anyway, it is stated that drinking the tea do not have any bad side effects. However, pregnant women is strictly prohibited from drinking this tea because there is no further research on the effects on growing fetus in the womb. Please do not just trust me, you can do more research online to affirm the effectiveness of what I’ve read. Hopefully, it helps.

2011-03-07 13:10:37
I have a mild case of copd. What do you sugest that I take for it.
2011-02-05 11:07:52
my husband has been dealing with lyposarcoma cancer in the abdomen area since 2007. he has had 2 surgeries to remove the masses. he has also lost a kidney, part of esophagus, part of small intestine, part of stomach. the cancer is back again. our oncologists told us he would deal with this the rest of his life. i don’t know how many more surgeries he can endure. the cancer is also chemo and radiation resistant. we are desperate to beat this death sentence. are there any natural herbs he can take to kill this monster? please help us!
2010-08-07 07:22:59
What TCM herbs can be taken to combat eostregen fed secondaries that I have in my lungs (from the breast cancer)
2010-07-18 21:11:34
What herbs can be taken to help with estrogen fed breast cancer?
2010-06-11 11:57:53
I am looking for the pure herbs wttc „le shi shu” which can help me with rectal cancer that his been operated. I follow now the Hildegard Von Bingen diet, speltgrain, veges, all stoved or steamed, less meat, less fish.I follow a chemo-cure , i have done 3 sessions, but i need to do at least 3 or 6 more to be sure ! Its the hard therapy but i wanna do this too in combination with god food, herbs and another vision on live, that will be more meditative.
I found lots of help on you tube Louise Hay, David Childerley, EFT,…macrobiotics, deepak chopra, osho, …
I lost my entire large intestine and gallbladder. My stools are still too frequent 20-30 times day/night. I hope the small intestine can regulate this
2010-05-25 17:02:32
this article tells the truth to all of gods people and healing them with the truth is his will and his way. my cancer is gone without any american approved ama medical approved drug, serjury, or treatment, only prayer to god and herbs used in 5000 year old chinese medicine, juiced fresh veggies, and faith.
2010-05-25 16:53:57
i was stage 2 type 2c gleason 6 and 7 in may 2007. no drugs no chemo no serjury, I am cancer free from chinese herbs and faith in the power of god. i hate the lies from doctors and the fda. faith and 5000 yr old remedy by god
2010-04-11 03:36:53
i have stage 3 breast cancer for 6 years now, i combined chemotherapy and herbal…now that am cancer more on herbal ,astragalus, (shitake/maetake and reshie) capsule that i got from chinese herbal store…and some other herbs to boost my immune system
2009-12-29 02:32:20
I have a small testicular tumor but the doctor said it’s nothing. Can herb helps to dissolve it?
2009-12-28 14:11:22
eastern medicine IN ITS PUREST FORM is the most effective treatment for any disease. Most American doctors are only concerned about $$$$. Not you!
Dr. Anon
2009-12-28 09:39:54
The best treatment is olive oil with cayanne powder in it. Mix these two into a paste and place it on the problem area. It is useful for all cancers even prostate and colon. I recomend this to all of my cancer patients.
2009-12-28 04:00:10


I work with cancer patients on a daily basis and have seen several patients die because they forewent traditional treatments in lui of eastern medicine. These people would be alive today if they followed the advice of their doctors.

2009-03-25 07:33:32
is their something for laukimia?
2008-10-28 08:57:54
I have been diagnosed with mild copd. Can I use anything to cure this or at least minimize it?
2008-08-27 14:34:13
I need a cure for bad breath I’ve tried everything.
2008-08-22 20:26:49
Lingzhi has been known to cure some cancer, and is a Chinese herb known and used for thousands of years and is considered a miracle herb. Try it.
2008-08-21 16:59:38
what is antrodia champorate?
2008-08-11 20:39:01
Got the information that Antrodia Champhorata can cure cancer tumor. Can anybody comment on that.