Vitamin B: General Information

What it is
Vitamin B is often called Vitamin B complex, as it comprises eight different vitamins of B group (plus four more unclassified vitamins). These vitamins correspond to one group as they can be found in the same food and considered earlier to be just one vitamin. They also often function together for the benefits of metabolic processes in the body, nervous system, skin, nervous system, etc.

Vitamin B supplements can include all the B complex or one / several B Vitamins. Sometimes supplements contain some other Vitamins, such as C. It is very important for our body to get all the vitamins in the B group, as each Vitamin contain unique properties that could not be replaced.

Vitamin B complex contains:

B-1 Vitamin, also called thiamin; this Vitamin was first one to be discovered
B-2 Vitamin, or riboflavin;
B-3 Vitamin, called niacin; that includes nicotinic acid and nicotinamide
B-5 Vitamin, or pantothenic acid;
B-6 Vitamin, or pyridoxine;
B-7 Vitamin, also known as vitamin H, or biotin (not always present in Vitamin B complex supplements)
B-9 Vitamin, also called folic acid;
B-12 Vitamin, or cobalamin
Sometimes other unclassified vitamins of the B group can be found in B vitamin complex supplements: amygdalin (B-17), adenine (B-4), adenylic (B-8) and pangamic (B-15) acids.

What it does in the body
All the vitamins in group B play its important role in the functioning of the body, and they actually function together for the benefit of the whole body, helping one another support our good health. In complex they not only supply your body with energy, but improve your metabolic rate and function of immune and nervous systems, help to keep skin and muscle health and promote cell division and growth. Vitamin B complex also reduces the risk of different diseases.

Thiamin is responsible for good heart and brain function, and metabolism of carbohydrates. It is very good for your nervous system. Riboflavin is an important body antioxidant that plays an important role in metabolic and oxidation processes. Niacin also metabolizes fats and carbohydrates and due to its enzyme systems affects all the body tissues. B-5 is very important for the digestive system and muscle functioning, as well as in production of some hormones and fatty acids. Healthy-skin vitamin B-6 helps in metabolism of fatty and amino acids and production of red blood cells. This vitamin is also vital for functioning of different enzymes in the body. Folic acid, very often called pregnancy vitamin (as it is always proscribed when pregnant and when you plan to get pregnant) plays an essential role in the cells creation in the blood-forming organs and healthy development of your baby during pregnancy. It also helps in cell division processes. Folic acid in combination with B-12 helps in producing red blood cells.

As for other vitamins, that are included in group B, they are synthesized by your own body and their deficiencies are not known to be associated with any disease.

Sources of Vitamin B
Some of the vitamins of B group are synthesized by the body; most of them must be consumed with the food (or food supplements) every day, as these vitamins can be stored in your body and excess is excreted in your urine.

The best source of thiamin is liver and yeasts, other products that contain B1 vitamin are pork, whole-grain cereals and whole-wheat flour products, navy beans, rye and kidney beans. Riboflavin can be found in meats (especially lean meat), cheese, eggs, nuts, milk; in less quantity – in whole grains, fish, legumes, green vegetables. Niacin is present in green vegetables, tomatoes, beans and peas, in the cereal husk; also in milk, meat, fish, liver and yeast. Source of vitamin B5, B 6, B7 and B12 is also fish, dairy products, meat, eggs yeast and whole-grain products. Vitamin B5 can be also found in potatoes, nuts, legumes and avocados; B7 – in egg yolk; vitamin B 9 is present in liver, kidney, cauliflower and green-leafy vegetables.

What happens in case of Vitamin B deficiency?
Vitamin B deficiencies can cause plenty of different problems and symptoms, as this vitamin (as other vitamins) is vital for all body system functioning. The symptoms are various; depending on what vitamin in the B group is deficient:

Thiamin deficiency causes weakness, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, muscle weakness and also depression, irritability and memory loss. Serious deficiency causes beriberi, a nervous system ailment
Riboflavin deficiency is associated with some genetic defects and other different ailments, such as ariboflavinosis
Nicotinic acid deficiency causes pellagra, a disease that is characterized by nervous or mental disorders, gastrointestinal disturbances and erythema
B-5 vitamin deficiency causes pantothenic acid deficiency that is associated with marasmus and other nutritional deficiencies; acne and paresthesia
Pyridoxine deficiency causes different metabolic problems (B-6-responsive anemia, B-6-dependent convulsions, etc.), as well as depression, dermatitis, water retention and hypertension
Biotin deficiency is associated with muscle pains, skin and membrane inflammation and depression
Folic acid deficiency increases the risk of neural tube defects in newborns and the risk for heart attacks in grown-up population
B-12 deficiency causes pernicious anemia, a serious disease resulting in large, immature red blood cells production, memory loss, elevated homocisteine, and in some cases mania and psychosis
What happens in case of Vitamin B overdose?
Problems with exceeding the dosage of vitamin B are generally not the issue at all; as the excess usually passes safely out of the body with your urine, as they are water soluble. But in case of supplements it is better to follow the recommended dosage, as it may cause some problem (for example too much niacin can cause itching, flushing, gout, and even liver damage; and high doses of folic acids when given to people with vitamin B 12 deficiencies may cause nerve damage). Good health to you.

KXKAnime2011-09-25 10:18:17
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