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Damiana Introduction: History, Chemistry, Gardening

Damiana (Turnera diffusa or Turnera aphrodisiaca) is a woody plant with several stems that grows in hot and humid parts of Mexico, Central and South America. It can also be found under such names as “herba de la pastora,” “Mexican damiana,” and “old woman’s broom”.

The plant has approximately 1-2 m in height. Its leaves are 10-25 cm long and they are toothed on the edge. The upper side of the leaves is smooth and pale green, while the lower one is hairy on the ribs. The leaves have a pleasant scent of chamomile. Damiana blooms during the whole summer with yellow flowers that rise from the leaves’ axils. The plant has small fruits that resemble a capsule divided into three parts. They are sweet and smell like fig.

Having been first introduced in the USA in 1874, Damiana herb has a long and interesting history of use in the folk medicine. The indigenous population praises the plant for its antidepressant, diuretic, tonic, hypoglycemic, and antibacterial properties. Ancient Mayas and Aztecs used Damiana as a general tonic to improve health condition.

It was also used by the tribes as an aphrodisiac, because people thought the plant had the ability to improve sexual function. There was a ceremony, during which Damiana leaves were burnt. Ancient people thought this ritual aroused sexual desire and helped lovers perform much better.

Ancient people thought that Damiana was effective in calming nerves and relieving depression and anxiety. They smoked plant’s leaves to relax. Smoking Damiana is practiced even nowadays. Some researchers say that the effect from smoking the herb’s leaves on human brains is similar to the influence of cannabis.

It is interesting to note that boosting sexual desire is not the only property of Damiana. Native tribes also use it to treat constipation and digestive problems, as well as gastric ulcers, menstrual irregularities, and bed-wetting.

Chemical structure of Damiana is rather complicated. The herb is rich in many active components that account for its main medicinal uses and applications. One of the main constituents is volatile oil that is found in the leaves of Damiana. This oil consists of at least 20 elements, including 1.8-cineole, p-cymene, alpha- and beta-pinene, thymol, alpha-copaene, and calamene. The leaves are also a source of flavonoids, tannins, damianin, beta-sitosterol, arbutin.

People learned to process Damiana long time ago and now the herb is available in various forms: capsules, tablets, tea blends, tinctures, and extracts. It is often combined with other herbs to achieve higher efficiency. Undoubtedly, Damiana is a precious medicinal plant, but we need more research to study and verify all the herb’s actions.

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2013-01-14 13:21:57
Thank you for writing this article. I enjoy information I can receive on any herb I have in my medicine cabinet. I have found that each plant in nature can have negative effects on the human body when not used properly. Each herb has a specific dosage that is to be used, when this dosage is exceeded is where it seems people run into problems. Any person will experience negative effects from a medicinal herb when the recommended dosage is exceeded or mixed with other incompatible herbs. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother have all taught me this through the years into adulthood.

As with prescription drugs there are certain herbs that should not be mixed together and should only be prepared in certain ways.
Anyone thinking of using herbs medicinally I recommend you do your research. They are a wonderful tool for maintaining good health. As well as for alternative medicine, especially for those who are allergic or have adverse reactions to pharmaceutical medications and treatments.

However you should always practice moderation. Each human body has a slightly different chemical makeup. Therefore the same herb may have a slightly to drastically different effect on each person.

I agree with above posts about the people who want to try smoke blends from stores. They have chemicals added to them. This can be dangerous, please always do your research and be cautious.
2012-07-03 02:13:48
Does anyone know how this is as a tea? I am looking for this product to help my internal digestive system and constipation. Thanks.
Deadeth Headeth "P"seth
2012-06-22 22:25:01
@ gemini 381......Once a Junkie.....Always a JUNKIE!

@ Mama Loo......you say your son is on probation? How in the world could this be? I'm sure he had a strong, positive parental role model throughout his life. What's that you said? Oh, it was "... So if you want to destroy your health and become addicted to this stuff, go right ahead and be stupid. Don't say you weren't warned."..... Ok then, kind wonderful woman....I will honor your request and NOT say that.

@ every other human who can see this............Plants were and still are made by GOD!!!!! Most other abused substances are made by humans. Who are YOU going to go with? Peace.
Concerned Wife
2012-06-06 18:35:29
Gemini, your post worries me... My husband has found this as a remedy for his depression and has been using it to medicate himself. In reading up on the stuff, there's a lot about taking damiana in pill or liquid form so we found a supplier to order some from. I know that the rush to your brain in smoking ANYTHING is faster, so I thought I would let him give the pills and liguid a shot. There's just something to smoking it that bothers me. We met while he was in recovery from being a meth head for so long, so I am worried that if this is also addictive he will become addicted FOR SURE! It has helped him with his depression, but I'm not sure about this.
RRBA love
2012-05-16 01:08:01
All I want to say for who ever trys this for the first time is to smoke only a little bit until u know how it affects you! I've been using marijuana for a year now to calm me & help w my anxiety but me and my childs father fight & he threatens to use it against me so I figured id try this. Long story short I smoke about half a blunt thinking nothing of it and this stuff def get you high! I honestly felt as if I was having a heart attack, I was so high I started to have a panic attack & it was by far the worst experience ever. I've read a bit about it and I mean it seems just as "safe or harmful" as marijuana or ciggerettes id just suggest using with caution until you understand how it affects you as an individual becuz obv everyone reacts differently!
2012-04-06 13:54:32
oh and please people do your research on herbs damiana is a miracle flower. it also has made infertal men and woman have children after being told by doctors they can not. yes vaporizing is better than smoking. and tea is better than vapor but its a personal choice how it is used. i dont advise using any sort of spice it may say it has damiana in it but they are laced with a chemical thats why you get a strong effect. damiana wont cause liver damage the chemicals do. and "weed" no i dont use but i have done my research on it and it if vaporized promoted new brain cell growth. also a study in canada was done on breast feeding moms and breastfeeding moms using marijuana and the children of the moms using were 7 times smarter when starting school than the ones whose moms were not using. please do research people. dont put down a plant god made because man has ruined it cuz it wasnt good enough for them. or it was too good.
2012-04-06 13:39:05
just to let all know that damiana its self is not illegal. spice k2 and others of the sort in many places have become illegal. the reason is because they are laced with chemicals to make it stronger. damiana by its self does give an effect if smoked but not that strong as canibis. i suggest using it with other herbs such as skull cap and motherwort. motherwort is a good one it intensifies the effects of herbs and is known as marihuania in mexico (little marijuana) none of the herbs by its self will give you the exact effect but mixed with others you may get what you like that don't show on drug tests. hope it helps. also u may find it cheaper and safer to grow your own herbs than to buy it. plus fresher is stronger.
2012-03-29 10:24:14
For all you misinformed "do gooders", you should not post what you don't know. The rest of you need a pocket dictionary or something... The "incense" you buy at head shops is usually treated chemically. Sometimes the herbs are "dipped" back into their own extracts as this amplifies what's already there. That said, the natural herb which is indeed available at health food and vegan stores is not enhanced in any way and is used for several things including; constipation,ulcers,menstual irregularities,and hypoglycemia. It is also an antidepressant, diuretic, tonic, and yes a mild aphrodisiac... It is similar to cannabis in the way it fits into the cannaboid receptors in your brain. Produces a very mild relaxing feeling that I'd hardly call a buzz. It may be eaten, made into a tea or smoked/vaporized. It is not dangerous, however, as with anything, you must use common sense in combination with moderation until you know how it affects you. Also, there are several other herbs that produce stronger effects and can be mixed to taste, such as passion flower,and wild lettuce... Do your homework and find a blend that suits you. I prefer a blend of wild lettuce, mullien and damiana dipped in passion flower extract. ;-)
2012-03-23 17:12:35
yo all yall so stupid ITS ILLEGAL IN FLORIDAA they raided all stores two nights ago~ peace out girlscouts
Ann Onymous
2012-03-20 17:06:12
Real damiana goes for less than $5 an ounce. It's a natural herb with many years of safe use behind it. The problem arises when people lie and market their laced synthetic marijuana products as "all natural" so people actually think they're smoking nothing but pure damiana. Obviously at $7 a gram, we're not talking about the same thing. D-ZL is a synthetic cannabinoid mix that is giving real damiana a bad name. These money grubbing vendors need to stop spreading misinformation by claiming that their product is pure. It's going to get innocent herbs like damiana banned because of public outrage from mothers like Mama Loo who doesn't know any better. And why should she? The packaging is just a blatant lie!! Let's stop the demonization of legal herbs and stop perpetuating the myth that damiana is some super pot sub. It's a nice relaxing herb with positive but mild effects. That's it.
2012-03-17 08:25:27
i just picked up D-ZL daminana and im really amazed i was smokeing spice and thats shit was wack i have no clue wuts in it i would probley rather smoke herb "WEED" but i get drug tested from my proby every week for a oxycodone offence i got pick up for but i have allways tryed to stick it all herbal besides the oxy lol but but atleast im not smoke spice any more.....make Damiana tea works wonders for me to sleep

hiGh as shit
2012-03-16 22:31:43
this page is funny as shit first of all its \"effect\" not affect... anyways ihave smoked some monster spice before which is magnificent as long as you use the one hitter pipes and very cautiously its great! i couldnt get some more where i usualy buy it so i bought D-ZL and smoked it out of a regular glass pipe. i got high as shit and felt for a bit like i was gonna die... anyways i think its all good but it should definitivele be used with lots of caution. pd.especialy after going to an all you can eat restaurant you will be vomiting or wanting to for a while
2012-02-28 08:15:03
Yo 'fun guy' DONT smoke the powder. Gotta get the herbs..im in FL and their tryna get it banned/illegal..doubt itll happen cause theres nothin wrong with it...the retards that are smokin too much and cant handle it and call ambulances and shit are just sissy bitches and shouldnt have tried in the first place. I have brain pressure probs, that give the worst headaches in the world. Dzl will get rid of em..ive found nothin bad outa this..NEVER EVER met anyone that had bad experience from it...so all you hatin parents and chumps out there that talkin shit...just shut he fuck up and let evryone do their own thing..WHY DOES IT MATTER!!!
2012-02-18 12:15:15
I smoked a bowl of D-zl and I am good for a while. and it hits you with in the 2 minutes you smoke.
2012-02-13 12:46:54
After trying Damiana, I started playing my guitar, and was transported to another realm. This is how it should be. Cheap, legal, and damn affective.
2012-02-08 19:21:18
I have been smoking Damiana for several months now, I have passed pre employment drug tests, I wrap one every morning and it lasts me all day. I take two puffs hold it in a tad, and get a nice shot of ambishin
Mama Loo
2012-02-01 16:07:01
I agree totally with gemini 381. My son thought he was being smart smoking this stuff because he is on probation. he was hospitalized for internal bleeding and still wouldn't quit. A young friend of his was hospitalized twice with serious problems. Now my son is severly addicted. I found a package under his pillow and threw it away and he went into an uncontrollable rage like you wouldn't believe. So if you want to destroy your health and become addicted to this stuff, go right ahead and be stupid. Don't say you weren't warned.
2012-01-31 03:35:33
these comments are hilariously retarded writen buy morons... especialy that gemini guy this is what happens when u let anyone post on ur website first of all it has been proven that this herb only dos good things to u not bad things it has nothing to do with tribal beliefs a tribal belief it a religion like believing in Jesus its like he didnt even read the artical morons.. absalute morons.. and second ur not suppose to smoke the damn thing u idiots ur liver will fail and because of the amount of toxic smoke u get in ur system everyone knows smoke is bad for u not herbs .. just SMOKE U ARE SUPPOSE TO VAPORIZE THE FUCKING HERB JUST LIKE THC IT IS AN OIL and dont tr to tell me im wrong because i do it everyday and something can only be vaporized with its correct temperature if the oil is on it or els there is no vapor... an d theres alot of vapor tha comes from damiana... just like rose pedals rose oil is verry expensive its alot easyer to just pick roses, oh and being addicted to something dos not mean something is addictive an addiction is a malfunction of the brain its YOU that has the problem not everything els nothing is addictive there are only addictive personality's i hope u are now slightly enlightened
experienced user
2012-01-25 16:38:58
If you are buying herbal smoke from a headshop for around $20+ per 3 grams, you are either smoking chemically laced herbs that will eat away at your bones, joints, brain, etc.. or you are actually dumb enough to be paying way too much for pure herbs which you can buy from a health food or herbal store for much less money. Either way the marijuana you have been smoking prior to this has destroyed your brains cells and made you stupid... and stupid people can't keep jobs anyways so what;s the point of switching from marijuana to some shit that is gonna fuck you up in the long run.. just keep smoking and selling marijuana illegally and be smart about it.. oh wait it's already killed all your brain cells.. looks like you're fucked! haha..
2012-01-13 17:05:08
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