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The world does not stand still: everything changes each second. However, some things seem to be timeless and everlasting. One of such things is a herb, called Vitex.

Besides the botanical name Vitex Agnus-Castus has many traditional or colloquial names: Chaste tree, Monk’s pepper, Chasteberry, Indian Spice, etc.

The plant grows in Mediterranean countries and central Asia, preferring much sunlight and moisture, and well-drained soil. A deciduous shrub, having an airy and spreading habit, grows up to 10 feet. It has five-fingered leaves, which begin to bud as late as June, and eight-inch lilac flower spikes. Flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by insects. Vitex is in bloom from September to October, forming then pepper-scented seeds. By the way, the leaves and the stems of the plant are also strongly aromatic.

Since ancient times people used Vitex mainly for medical purposes. Hippocrates, Dioscorides, and Theophrastus mentioned in their works that sitz baths for treating the diseases of the uterus and other female disorders were made of Vitex. Besides, even our ancestors knew about the plant’s ability to suppress libido. Women covered their beds with Vitex leaves in order to inspire chastity; monks either chewed the ripe fruits of the plant, or prepared tea from them with the same aim. No wonder that Homer called Vitex a symbol of chastity in his Illiad.

In spite of the fact that curative abilities of Vitex were slightly forgotten in 17-18th centuries, the plant has now returned its status of one of the most important herbal remedies in phytotherapy.

Many different trials had been conducted to prove the possibility of using Vitex with medical aim nowadays. They all showed that this plant has a unique force to regulate the levels of hormones (especially estrogen and progesterone) in the organism.

The extract of all the Vitex fruit constituents affects the activity of the pituitary gland. It helps increase progesterone production, which can be beneficial for women’s health in many cases, as it gives the opportunity to regulate menstrual cycles, reduce the symptoms of menopause and PMS (irritability, breast tenderness, mood switches, menstrual cramps), and even fight women infertility, caused by hormone imbalance. (Vitex has acquired the name “women’s herb” not in vain!) Furthermore, such problem as acne, both in men and women, can be solved or, at least, partially solved with the help of the same plant.

These days the dried herb is available in capsules or in liquid preparations. It is reported that the patients have no side effects if they do not overdose the remedy during the treatment (30-40 mg a day). In rare cases, though, minor stomach upset and mild skin itching is observed. Overdose manifests itself through formication, a sensation of insects crawling over the skin.

Besides medical use Vitex fruit can also serve as pepper substitute, and leaves are used as a spice. Since the whole plant is very aromatic, especially flowers, the latter stand high esteem of perfumery. Young stems are used in basket making. At last, this universal plant is a source of yellow dye, which is obtained from the leaves, seeds, and roots.

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2012-04-23 10:31:27
I'm taking 1500 mg of metformin daily and I take 1200 mg of vitex daily and 2 maca root daily..I want to add saw palmetto also I was wondering if anyone has tooken those together...I have pcos and ttc and also regulate my cycle
2012-01-23 17:19:07
on the bottle says I have to take 3 capsules per day, I know what time I take them, together or every few hours? 'please answer me, and I apologize for the translation Peruvian
2012-01-17 02:37:12
Good day again!
I was diagnose with my doctor with myoma uteri, intramural. And i just searching for any treatment for this, and i just found that Hrbal Medicines for treating Uterine Fbroids Include:Vitex, Dandelion Root/ Tea,Red Raspberry, Herbal Tea ( Red Clover), Essentil Oil Supplements. Hope you can help me, or any suggestion treatment for this, Thank you. And more power! It's me Ms. Fe!
2011-10-31 20:53:33
do anyone know if vitex can increase your blood pressure
2011-09-04 08:01:08
Vitex is a wonderful herb! After being diagnosed with PCOS in 2006, my husband and i ttc for 2 years with Clomid and injection, with no luck. I found out about vitex from a pregnant friend who was using it to treat her PCOS. She told me that her and her husband had been ttc for 5 years and vitex is the only thing that worked!I started taking vitex in march 2008 (500mg twice a day)and found out in august the same year that i was pregnant! The way PCOS effects me is that i don't get a period at all. I'm lucky if i have period once a year!
Heartbroken in ohio
2011-08-23 21:01:54
Does vitex really help with fertility. My husband and I have been tryn to have a baby for about a yr now with no luck. Its very heartbreaking and stressful. Dont have money for big fertility drugs frm.drs. Any advice would b great. Thanks
2011-08-20 10:57:40
does it encourage breast growth?
2011-08-06 16:15:56
I have heard that you shud not take vitex during your periods. thats what im doing for vitex. I want to know hoe sould i take saw palmetto? is it ok to take saw palmetto throughout the cycle or shd i go off of saw palmetto during me period?
2011-07-30 09:02:12
I recently bought FertiliTea (main ingrediant is vitex)in hopes of conceiving. I haven't started taking it yet, but I am thinking of buying Fertile XX to take with the FertiliTea. Fertile XX also contains vitex, and I was wondering, will combining these two fertility aids do more harm than good when it comes to conceiving? Would it be an unhealthy amount of vitex? I've tried doing research about combining the products, but haven't come across any solid answer. Any help with this would be great! I've seen awesome reviews on both products individually, but I'm afraid of what may happen if I go overboard with it all!
2011-03-02 19:08:23
Does Vitex have salicylates in it?
Ali Mae
2010-12-05 20:41:49
I have been taking vitex for about 2 weeks now to help with my fertility problems due to hormonal imbalance, I realize it takes up to 3 months to see results but it really does help control hunger(maybe too much), my acne has improved, Im 22 & have never really enjoyed sex ( im guessing hormone imbalance) & it has made my sex drive higher, I do get bloated a lot lately but I can live with that.It has helped with my mood swings, & my vaginal dryness. I havent had a period in almost 3 months but I was spotting the 2nd day I started taking vitex. I take 2 capsules a day, has anyone else experienced spotting while taking vitex? I also have days where im extremely tired then it will switch to me never being tired, I could stay up for days. this iradic sleep pattern bothers me some ( especially on the days im always tired) I dont think Im pregnant, anyone have any advice? thanks
2010-11-12 07:59:06
can vitex good for infertility
2010-10-31 13:57:15
what if your taking steriods shots from your docter? I have fibromyalgia and my dr has recomended depo medro shots every 2 to 3 mos. is this vitex/saw palemetto safe to take without harm? I don't take estrogen/harmone meds. i had a compleate hysterectomy 28 yrs. ago after my 5th child because of cancer . I've not had any signs of cancer since,but my sex drive hasn't changed at all and i'm 55 now. no complaints from my husband. (Actually he has problems getting stimulated and is depressed over that. Is it safe for him to take it as well as myself? Terribly confused(???)
2010-09-06 11:16:15
Hi There
I started taking saw palmetto with lycopene + vitex
It is just amazing
You just need to be persistant
In around one month the acne just goes away
It also helping me to control my hunger
I have lost couple of pounds
I thing it helps people that have hormonal imbalance
Just amazing, and natural :)
It is good to see a naturopathic doctor
She can prescribe the exact dosage, acording to your weight
2010-05-07 01:25:29
I do holitstic counseling on the side and my periods were heavy and I suffered from estrogen dominance and my 22 year old daughter had irregular periods. We got the vitex tincure and let me tell you this- EXTREME CAUTION should be used with this herb. Bi-polar disorder runs in our family and period issues. My daughter is usually a very level person. She stopped taking the drops back in February and sure it corrected the cycle and made it longer for both of us. But emotionally??? HA, it made us VERY moody and she got so severly depressed she had to take time off work. It magnifies any already existing mood problems. We are correcting it with ASHWAGANDHA- this stuff will correct your hormones and moods and get rid of hot flashes inside of 2 weeks. NO more HF's. It is slower acting as far as the periods go. But it has almost NO side effects and is so good for the adrenals and whole body in every way. We threw away the rest of the vitex. If used--very very sparingly.
2010-03-17 22:37:27
I started taking vitex twice a day about a week ago to help rid myself of very large fibroids that were aggrivated by estrogen dominance and stress. One of the side effects that I have noted is a very positive one. I feel a great deal less stressed, and not nearly as moody or depressed! ...Could be because it cleanses the liver of toxins and flushes exess estrogen from the body and regulates hormones. What a nice plus!
2010-03-17 04:14:03
I had all kinds of things wrong with me for several years, started by a realization of verbal/emotional abuse from my nearest and dearest that had been going on for years but the realization was in 2006. I went into a deep depression and then all the joy in life shutdown completely and I drank all the time to get through it so I wouldn't kill myself while looking for a place to live in that year that the realtors and loan managers were ripping everyone off with idiotic advice.

Everything shut down and as soon as I got out of the terrible situation I still had no sex drive and had lost a ton of hair as well as most interest and drive in all kinds of things, but I managed to keep my co-pilots going. I tried HTP 5, L-Phenylalanine, more protein and it was all kind of, sort of, working. Finally I gave relacore a shot, which has DHEA in it and it really helped things improve but not all the way.

I finally got to see a psychologist who mentioned prolactin levels when I mentioned hair-loss and I figured it would take forever to sort out the kind of blood work she suggested and get it planned so I'd look for an herbal remedy online and found it in chasteberry/vitex. I waited about a week and suddenly had this sense of BEING again. It was like this half of me that had crawled into a cave since 2005 (the last year I was ever happy) and I walked around in a daze, really enjoying things again. I have also had some ovulation pains but I'm stubborn.

My basic point is when you feel bad, not yourself, depressed, cut-off from joy, disthymic, whatever, it very well could be hormonal. Relacore has DHEA and that's hormonal as well as Chasteberry/Vitex. If things are shutting off, even from a major stress or grief I say look into hormonal options (carefully) especially if you have bad reactions to anti-depressants. Everything isn't solved but I've only been taking it for two weeks and I feel a LOT better. A LOT!
2010-01-12 18:26:47
Be aware, vitex can raise blood pressure to its maximum. Women with PCOS tend to be overweight which can cause high blood pressure. Women with PCOS i highly reccomend chromium picolinate. Look ito that.
2009-09-02 22:07:59
can vitex help with polycystic ovarian syndrome?
2009-08-26 01:13:39
I started taking vitex on aug 18 with pygeum and saw palmetto. I talk to the lady at the herb store and she told me that it ok for women to take this because pygeum and saw palmetto is for men but it's ok for women to take, i start it and my period can back. I have not had a period im 23yr and my last one was december of 08 and im taking ramuan. So to all the women out there do not believe some of what a doc says because i have PCOS and my doc put me on metformin and this is not working. I've been on it for 4mo now i just started taking saw palmtto and vitex on the 18 of aug and my period started on the 22 of aug so it working. So get your information on some of these Rx drug because they can make you sick and if you ask a doc about any herb drug they all say the same thing we have not done any study on it well i have and it work VERY VERY WELL.
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Vitex and Women Infertility

Quite few people live their lives just to enjoy living. Many more are sure one of our main tasks ...

Vitex and Premenstrual Syndrome

Most women at one time or another have suffered from Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS. Mild to ...

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