Herpes and herbal Remedies


Herpes simplex (or simply herpes) is a viral infection caused by one of the two major types of the Herpes Simplex Virus. Genital herpes is mostly caused by Herpes Simplex Virus of the 2nd type. Oral herpes is the result of the herpes viral keratitis infection that affects the nerves serving the cornea of the eye. The ways in which herpes infections reveals is different within individuals. The virus in the blood provokes outbreaks on the skin and genitals. While these outbreaks can be prevented and the risk of transformation from partner to partner can be decreased, herpes itself is not curable.


Tingling and itching sensation in the affected location are usually the first symptoms of the herpes infections. These initial symptoms are usually followed by the appearance of a raised or swollen area on the skin. Later the swollen area then becomes painful in general, and if it is scratched, touched or moved – acutely sore. The sore area may become abscess and emits a clear fluid for several days before scabbing over. After this happens lesion usually heals completely during the period of seven-ten days. Headache, fatigue and twitching sensations in the nerves leading to outbreak may accompany the primary herpes symptoms. Additional symptoms for ocular herpes include dull pain deep inside the eye, mild to acute dryness and sinusitis.


The herpes outbreaks are caused and triggered by various factors. Typical common triggers for oral herpes are psychological stress, upper respiratory infections and sunburns. Genital herpes is provoked by the stress, menstruation, diet (food containing arginine, such as nuts and chocolate) and sexual activity.

Traditional Approaches

Two kinds of treatment regimens are commonly prescribed to treat herpes. They are episodic therapy and suppressive therapy. Episodic therapy medications are taken at the first sign of outbreak and continue for several days to prevent its further development. Suppressive therapy is aimed at reducing the number of outbreaks, and the antiviral medications are taken on a daily basis.

Alternative Approaches

A number of herbs are used to control the infection and treat the symptoms of herpes. Some are helpful during the prodromal phase; others are best for the visible open sores or blisters and boost the immune system. Many herbs have multiple effects.
Prunella vulgaris has lately been called the „Herbal Herpes Cure”. This common weed has been used for centuries by herbalists for internal and external wounds.  The cream made from Prunella vulgaris constituents lessens the number of outbreaks and lesions. Applied five times a day as a topical ointment, lemon balm ( Melissa officinalis)provides relief for fever blisters and genital ulcers. This action is achieved by the caffeic, rosmarinic, and ferulic acids of lemon balm that possess antiviral properties. High levels of glycyrrhizic acid in licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) have also shown therapeutic benefit in the herpes treatment. Patients should remember that this herb may lead to the high blood pressure if taken during the long period. Golden seal root is also an effective, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, healing tonic which helps to fight with many types of bacterial and viral infections, including herpes.
2016-11-14 18:07:01
Use raw garlic to rub on sores with neosporin antibiotics .but clean sores first with hand sanitizer that has aloe ad vitemine e.use till sores dry ad vanish .balth sores in salty water.keep dry
2015-11-25 23:12:53
Old fermented urine does wonders. First bruise the lesion with cotton wool soaked in lime and then apply cotton wool soaked in old fermented urine. The result is amazing.
2015-05-10 17:41:34
Has anybody used the herb Prunella vulgaris, and what where the results?
2012-03-28 23:10:39
1.The history of peehrs begins as early as ancient Greek times. Hippocrates speaks of the condition in his writings. Even the word “herpes” is a Greek word that means “to creep or crawl” which is the way that the Greeks described the way that skin lesions spread. In Roman times, the emperor Tiberius tried to stop an outbreak of mouth peehrs by prohibiting kissing at public events and ceremonies. Soon after Tiberius, a physician named Celsus suggested that peehrs be treated by cauterizing the sores with a hot iron. It is unknown how long Tiberius’ ban on kissing lasted or how long Celsus’ treatment was used, but both seem to have ended pretty quickly.2.Most people infected with HSV-2 are not aware of their infection. However, if signs and symptoms occur during the first outbreak, they can be quite pronounced. The first outbreak usually occurs within two weeks after the virus is transmitted, and the sores typically heal within two to four weeks. Other signs and symptoms during the primary episode may include a second crop of sores, and flu-like symptoms, including fever and swollen glands. However, most individuals with HSV-2 infection never have sores, or they have very mild signs that they do not even notice or that they mistake for insect bites or another skin condition.People diagnosed with a first episode of genital peehrs can expect to have several (typically four or five) outbreaks (symptomatic recurrences) within a year. Over time these recurrences usually decrease in frequency. It is possible that a person becomes aware of the “first episode” years after the infection is acquired.3. There is NO cure for peehrs, only treatments.There is no treatment that can cure peehrs, but antiviral medications(Zovirax, Valtrax) can shorten and prevent outbreaks during the period of time the person takes the medication. In addition, daily suppressive therapy for symptomatic peehrs can reduce transmission to partners.4.HSV-1 and HSV-2 can be found in and released from the sores that the viruses cause, but they also are released between outbreaks from skin that does not appear to have a sore. Generally, a person can only get HSV-2 infection during sexual contact with someone who has a genital HSV-2 infection. Transmission can occur from an infected partner who does not have a visible sore and may not know that he or she is infected. HSV-1 can cause genital peehrs, but it more commonly causes infections of the mouth and lips, so-called “fever blisters.” HSV-1 infection of the genitals can be caused by oral-genital or genital-genital contact with a person who has HSV-1 infection. Genital HSV-1 outbreaks recur less regularly than genital HSV-2 outbreaks5.The surest way to avoid transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, including genital peehrs, is to abstain from sexual contact, or to be in a long-term mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who has been tested and is known to be uninfected. Genital ulcer diseases can occur in both male and female genital areas that are covered or protected by a latex condom, as well as in areas that are not covered. Correct and consistent use of latex condoms can reduce the risk of genital peehrs. Persons with peehrs should abstain from sexual activity with uninfected partners when lesions or other symptoms of peehrs are present. It is important to know that even if a person does not have any symptoms he or she can still infect sex partners. Sex partners of infected persons should be advised that they may become infected and they should use condoms to reduce the risk. Sex partners can seek testing to determine if they are infected with HSV. A positive HSV-2 blood test most likely indicates a genital peehrs infection. Hope this helps! Good Luck!!!!
2010-11-15 00:55:20
Myrrh Gum powder is the best to dry and clear up symptoms topically , dried blueberries ,coconut, cola and peanuts and chocolate are some triggers.
2010-09-28 10:06:04
what works is 3000 mg lysine and dmso rub on genitals works amazing
angel jibril
2010-08-29 23:54:56
tea tree oil for bumps out beak will burn so dilute w a little water,and high does of vitamin c(dont know he doses ,just find your level) and echenahiea and golden seal 3 tbs 3 times a day for a wk and stop for the next. biwkly until no signs.would keep v-c in my system everyday if you can. hope this helps may the most high creator help us w this virus. and pray, pray, pray, amin!
2010-01-06 13:21:42
Cynthia, you asked „Is there a cure for Herpes?”
Yes, „Death” It’s there baby, 4-ever.
2009-06-16 06:47:37
Is there a cure for herpes. I heard that was but i dont know what to use.
2009-05-18 13:31:29
colloidal silver applied to the sore itself makes it vanish! I am amazed with these results!
2009-03-30 02:27:51
use tea tree oil
2009-02-02 21:42:22
tucks wipes help topically
2008-11-07 12:09:46
I tried the quantum super lysine immune booster liquid and pills…they both work great…I am drink the triple leaf detox tea…if you have itching…make a strong cup of this…i use lime juice and/or honey to cut the taste otherwise i drink it straight
2008-07-22 02:35:15
get quantum’s super lysine immune booster for 9.00…take 2000 + mgs (about 5 to 6 pills) as soon as you have a headache you know is dif. it heads it off. avoid more than a cup or 2 of coffee a day….it brings herpes on big time. alcohol brings it on too. if you don’t want to deal with it…clean up the diet and avoid stress! 🙂
2007-07-21 16:55:43
i recantly caught herpes,and i cant really afford any presription medicine…are there any house hold products i might have that might help like oatmeal or something?