Reishi Mushroom Basics

Reishi Mushroom Basics
Tonic for emperors. Food of gods. Elixir of life. Lucky Fungus. Ling Zhi…

I am absolutely sure that hardly anyone can guess what all these names refer to. Miraculous medicine? Exotic drink? Perhaps, some delicacy? I would like to see your surprise when you learn that these are different names of the Reishi mushroom, one of the herbal mushrooms praised for its numerous health benefits and superior properties to boost energy and prolong life.

Reishi mushroom, or Ling Zhi, belongs to polypore mushrooms. This plant has one more name in Latin – Ganoderma lucidum – which is translated as “shiny skin” and refers to the Reishi caps, which have six colour variations – from reddish-orange to black. Reishi mushroom is kidney-shaped and has approximately 8 inches (20 cm) in diameter. It grows wild on oak and plum tree stumps and logs in dark and damp forests of Asia, Europe, South America, and the United States.

Being practically unknown in the West, Reishi mushroom has a long history in Chinese and Japanese medicine. It has been used for more than 2,000 years to treat liver problems, asthma, cancer, high blood pressure, etc. Reishi mushroom was believed to have superior power, giving strength and long life. Great Chinese emperors and Japanese royalty drank tea of the mushrooms for vitality and longevity.

Wild Reishi is very rare and difficult to cultivate. That is why it was very expensive for a long time and only rich people could buy such a luxury. In the 1980s, a Japanese scientist developed a complex method of cultivating Reishi indoors, which had made the mushrooms more available.

More and more researches were conducted to study and test Ganoderma lucidum. As a result, scientists had identified key chemical elements of Reishi mushroom and explained their influence on human organism.

Reishi mushrooms contain polysaccharides that are known as anticancer agents and immune system stimulators. They help body fight cancerous tumors and protect it from different infections.

Triterpenoids, which have also been found in Reishi mushrooms, are responsible for blood pressure lowering and circulation improving.

Reishi mushrooms also contain sterols, which influence the hormonal system, and natural antihistamines, which reduce allergic reaction. Besides, Reishi is a source of antioxidants that prevent aging of the human tissues.

As you can see, structural elements of Reishi mushrooms have a positive influence on the human organism. That is why Ganoderma lucidum is usually used as a tonic for improving general health and increasing energy.

In modern medicine Reishi mushrooms can be indicated for the treatment of coronary heart disease, cancer, AIDS, bronchitis, hepatitis. They may also help patients with high blood pressure, asthma, nervous disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis. In China, they are used by mountain climbers to combat altitude sickness and are given as an antidote to patients, who have eaten poisonous mushrooms.

Reishi mushroom seems to be a real miracle of the herbal medicine. It is non-toxic and can be taken daily without any side effects. Regular consumption of Reishi is said to enhance human immune system and improve general health.

KGRN2013-11-24 23:05:27
Reishi is an adaptogenic mushroom, which means it adjusts to what you are too low or too high in. To my knowledge it does not have any affect on anticoag medications although it is always good to be safe. Reishi can be taken with all kinds of other herbs and mushrooms. Check out Paul Stamets’ My Community blend or Longevity Warehouse’s 24 mushroom blend. They eat have different functions and compliment each other. Remember that medicinal mushrooms have been used for healing for hundreds of years (long before modern medicine) and have proven to boost the immune system. I have lupus and wouldn’t go without my reishi and chaga.
hussain2013-10-08 05:56:03
great herb of the world. mashroom change my mother life. mashroom fail ellopaty doctors .6month use my mother is fit
Satya 2013-09-26 14:04:00
How much and in what delivery form would you give Reishi to a women with breast cancer undergoing radio and chimo therapy?
also would it be good to combine with echinacea&Astragalus; as her lymph system is clogged too?
mits2011-03-06 04:01:33
Just wondering if reishi mushroom extract, will harm liver cancer, because it has alcohol in it for ingredients. Heard that reishi mushroom is very good for cancer patient, my husband been taking it for a couple of months now. Just wondering. If anyone had any experince with this.
4mik2011-03-05 02:04:51
Iam taking also astragalus,milk thistle and ashwagandha…. reshi on top of this is too much or its ok…..
Bert2010-11-10 16:22:09
Honest, i tried this herb reishi in tablet form and my blood pressure is lower at every use. thougt I like this mushroom, which grows nearby I prefer to use your product.
richie2010-10-16 10:32:16
can i take reishi with burdock and astragalus?
ridder2010-09-29 07:16:13
We live in Wisconsin and have this Reishi growing in our woods. Just a question…what do you mean by must be certified in its state of origin. Is this just a statement stateing that it is from Wisconsin? Or do you have to have it checked out by The Department of Agriculture? Also, can I use this mushroom in its raw state, cook it and have the benifits of it?
Thank you in advance for your inforfmation.
MrWavery2010-07-16 12:52:36
keep your multi vitamin – nothing really replaces that exept good diet, but even then it’s good to take one every so often to be sure. Reishi is king herb that can replace alot of extraneous herbs. If you take one take this one, that sort of thing. I find it much more general rather than specific- but FEELS effective, gives a steady base of health.
Han2010-04-09 05:09:09
Miracle herb
fab2010-03-22 12:26:03
Can this be taken alone instead of multi vitamin and calcium and milk thistle.
Nic 2010-01-26 05:15:50
Reishi Mushroom and Ginseng added to Coffee and Tea. A gourmet coffee never the less! People i know have taken the coffee who have or had health issues and have commented that they have had improved wellbeing and health after drink healthy coffee and tea. Nothing could be simpler then an Instant Gourmet Coffee and Tea with the worlds most powerful herbs. want more info email me
jan2009-11-01 22:06:38
neel2009-07-22 09:03:32
Ihave takingRG+GL for two months,my vision improved,pains vanished.Very effective herb
mushroomboomerman2008-09-15 22:07:59
quantumman: God bless you. The good Lord is with you. Keep fighting the righteous battle.
cory2008-06-10 07:40:55
Two weeks taking reishi and no more allergies period totally gone and my my restless leg syndrome has also dissapeared what an amazing herb truly a miricle
Nat2008-03-31 10:10:21
I am not trying to be sceptical. Having read how powerful this herb is, one should be reluctant to buy it without consultation, especially if someone is on multi drug regimens for conditions such as AIDS, coronary heart disease. There are numerous substituted herbal products on the market these days that consumers must be very careful in buying only from reliable sources.
And to Zanny, herbal products in general are not recommended to be taken with oral anti-coagulants, this as you can see would cover even things like ginseng or dang gui etc.
HealthConscious2008-03-31 01:45:54
Lingzhi seems very good, Cordyceps seem really good. So, I wonder if i could take each pill of each type every day. Also, I am currently taking Gingko (from Korea)-help with concentration, cranberry pills, Vit C. Don\\\’t know if anyone know these combination will help with well being or mess it up..haha…
I had UTI a few times already, kidney infection, asthmas, etc etc..
I NEVER KNEW2008-01-23 04:15:07
Quantumman2007-05-28 22:52:52
My mother has stage iv lung cancer. I have given her reishi for five months—her terminal tumors have barely grown (since her medical scans seven months ago). Her weight has actually increased four pounds since her diagnosis. Her energy levels have increased, coughing has decreased. For somebody who was only given a year to live, and should only have a few months to live, she seems to have recovered somewhat. There is also no spread of the cancer to any other organ.