Vitex and Women Infertility: The Miracle Herb

Quite few people live their lives just to enjoy living. Many more are sure one of our main tasks here is to produce the new life. Therefore, they all want to have babies, but not all succeed.

In the estimated 50% of cases couples cannot have children because of the female infertility. The most common problems in women, which lead to the impossibility to get pregnant, are Ovulatory disorders. Most often they are caused by hormonal imbalances in women. The Ovulatory Disorders include: – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (a condition, when follicles don’t develop properly and an egg cannot mature. This is caused by the imbalance of luteinizing hormone, leading to the excessive production of estrogen. The disease manifests itself through heavy and/or irregular periods.) – Hyperprolactinemia (the excessive production of prolactin by the pituitary gland, resulting in irregular or no ovulation) – Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (a condition of irregular or no ovulation due to the imbalance of the hypothalamus gland work)

Nature is wise – it has remedies against the majority of human diseases, but we are sometimes not smart enough to notice them and use properly. One of the nature’s creations, which help overcome female infertility, is Vitex.

This plant has the ability to regulate human hormonal levels. The extract from the fruit, containing flavonoids, iridoid glycosides, and terpenoids, affects the activity of the pituitary gland, forcing it to produce more luteinizing hormone, which results in the increased production of progesterone. Larger doses of it are necessary to achieve normal and regular ovulation, which, as a result, helps become pregnant. Irregular ovulatory function can be restored by Vitex, since it can prolong the luteal phases.

Vitex also keeps prolactin levels in check, decreasing them if they are mildly elevated. (Prolactin is necessary for milk production during the breastfeeding, but it inhibits ovulation.)

Vitex can also be helpful after discontinuing the use of birth pills to restore normal ovulation.

The extract of the plant has no immediate effect, but multiple trials show that some women, whose infertility is associated with hormonal imbalances, can get pregnant after 3 months of treatment with Vitex preparations (1.8 ml per day of the fluid extract or 35-40 mg of encapsulated powdered plant.) However, the usual treatment period is from 12 to 18 months.

There also exists information, which suggests that Vitex can work increasing hormonal levels in those women, who lack them, and decreasing them in those, who suffer from their excessive amounts. This makes Vitex a kind of a miracle herb, which knows what is better for a woman’s body and can work like an experienced doctor to make the weaker sex happier.


No2016-11-14 16:36:12
Weaker Sex? I cant believe I just read that, from a woman no less. When you add in sexist commentary you take away your credibility. Judging by the (poorly written) article, you probably didn’t have much to begin with.
bri2015-11-12 10:41:17
I just started taking vitex because I noticed my luteal phase was short. I’m hoping this month is better! I really want that BFP! Wish me luck. I will be back to update
chez2015-02-13 11:42:34
I started taking vitex, saw palmetto, black cohosh and milk thistle and I must say I’ve started feeling change in my body, not tired anymore full of energy, I just hope that it will help with my pcos and that i’ll be a mother very soon.babydust to all couples God we trust!
jr2014-12-23 00:39:29
for all of you with fertility problems and irregular periods there is a tonic calls La senora Muller vegetal compound, you can get it on amazon. it is very safe to used and it works. take 3 times a day a table spoon each time after your period ends and stop when you get your period, you can do that for about 3 months until your hormone are well balance, then take after your period ends until ovulation. I was suffering from endometriosis for more than 5 years and after 5 months thanking the compound i became pregnant. hope it works for you , good luck.
kizzneedababy2013-11-16 10:45:11
I was told I had PCOS in Jan 2013. Well started taking Vitex a month agao and now Im 4 days late took a blood test and it was neg. I really dont know whats going on.My Dr. said come back in 5 days. I dont know if Vitex screwed up my cycle. what do you think?
chichi2013-11-11 11:17:44
Hi, i am so happy to read all these testimonies. i am that woman that does not mensturate on a monthly basis right from the time i started as a teenger. I have stayed 1 year with a period, but one funny thing about my body is that whenever i take the drug primolute N, my period will start and flow the normal 4 – 5 days. But to me i dont want it that way. I went to hospital in those days and my doctor told me it was not a problem, so i overlooked it. Now i am married and need a child seriously, i am now taking vitex and this is my second month, still i have not seen it… but few weeks aga i started having cramps below my abdomen as if is coming and the pains will stop after some hours. I pray and have this confidence that this will work for me. and i am so happy for those of you that have conceive using this wonderful drug. Thanks. Chi.
Fliss902013-10-05 07:11:34
Always had irregular periods – usually around 36 days. Had some tests- had polycystic ovaries and high prolactin. Doctor put it down to pcos. Started taking vitex 5 months ago. Periods have become pretty regular. Luteal phase has increased from 9- 15 day. Definite ovulation (don’t know whether or not I ovulated before :/) and my prolactin levels have decreased and are almostttt normal. No BFP yet, been trying 5 years. Deffo recommend vitex, although no baby so far ….
Desparate2012-05-25 02:41:48
i started taiking vitex 5 dyas ago and suffering from pcos since my tenage year and i’m 30 years old. just wanted to know anyone has used vitex and achieved normal period and pregnancy and after how long did you use it in order to see these achievements. pleas help i’m so desparate for any kind of assistance or successful story that might help to increase my hope in achieving my desire to become a mother.

please please please help me.
Sharnii2012-03-19 04:30:00
I went off the pill in Jan 2012, mid march an no signs of my period. I went off the pull ttc and I started researching how to get my periods back naturally and came across Vitex. 4 days taking a tablet 3 times daily and I got my period! What a wonder drug. I stopped taking it as I have read not to take it during menstruation but my question do I go backon it? Can I take elevite at the same time? When I’m pregnant do I stop taking it? Does anyone know?
Prayn4Sha2012-02-29 16:17:13
Hello I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago. I’ve always had irregular periods unless I was on BC. I recently started taking vitex about a month ago, I took it straight for one month and finally got AF. The only issue is I stopped taking vitex the first day of AF and I’ve been bleeding for about 3 weeks straight. Still haven’t started taking the vitex again yet as I was told to start back once the AF was over. Anyone experience this issue? I’m hoping my AF will stop and I can start taking the vitex again to get my cycles regular. We are wanting a child really bad
agsfiya2012-02-15 16:34:22
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Rakshini2012-02-01 17:18:54
Would like to know how fast Vitex helps in getting pregnant…??? me & my hubby TTC for 2 and half years. I had a chemical pregnancy 4 months back and miscarried. my periods are 30-31days cycle. i’m ovulating regularly , but no success. Please get some info about Vitex for getting pregnant.
Adrian2012-01-14 17:13:21
Weaker sex? Really? Maybe you are, but I’m not! I don’t know if you thought you were being clever or what, but you failed in a major way!
TLAw2011-11-11 20:09:58
Hey lades, new to the site, Jus startd Vitex an ViB6 yesterday. Have had no cycle for abt a year. Did IVF and had to stop because of no eggs in ovaries. Hope it works.
very happy gal2011-10-26 10:34:36
I recently went to the doctor because I was not having my period. I’ve never in my life have been late, and now, 4 months later… no period. I went off of a birth control 4 months ago and thought that this may be the reason. Well, my doctor had me get my blood tested for prolactin levels, and yes, they were elevated. They had thought I had a tumor in my pituitary gland…. so, I freaked out. I went online and researched my butt off…. and bought Vitex and started taking it. I followed the directions… 1 capsule, 6 times throughout the day…. well, the next day…. I got my period. Now, I doubt it works that fast for everyone, but my levels of prolactin were slightly elevated…. I believe Vitex just kicked it into gear… I have never been more relieved to get my period. I changed nothing in my diet or lifestyle apart from the Vitex…. so I’m thanking this herb for this help. Hope it helps others as much as it had helped me!
Really?2011-09-29 20:39:19
Did you really just write „the weaker sex”? Highly offensive, not to mention archaic.
dozzer2011-09-13 08:45:29
i have pcos and trying to get pregnant am takeing black cohosh and agnus castus
Jesica2011-07-03 23:33:22
I am a skinny PCOS and couldn’t get pregnant in two years. y periods were every 35 or 38 days. I was determined to get pregnant so did a ditox of my body with eating only raw veggies for a month then continue to eat low GI meals also started on Vitex and pregnacy vitamins and got pregnant after a month a half. Don’t give up and I really recommend Vitex but you also have to follow a low GI diet to make it work faster. I’m in my 9th month of pregnancy!!!
Holly2011-06-15 03:52:14
I have been taking Vitex for almost a year and I still have irregular periods. It seems they have gotten worse since taking the Vitex. I have not had a period for 3 months now and am not pregnant. This doesn’t work for me. Hopefully it works for others better than it did me.
lizzy2011-05-17 09:29:28
i am 37 and my dr said i was „just fine” even though my periods came anywhere from 36-48 days. My husband and I were trying to become pregnant at the same time too. Well I started doing my own research on herbs and periods…led me to Vitex. I ordered it on line off ebay for about 10 bucks … i started taking one capsule per day at 575mg right after a period – low and behold my next period came 28 days later ! then the next came at 30 days…the next at 31 and the next at 31…well I am now 6 weeks pregnant !!!! youpieeeeee I HIGHLY suggest it…Dr’s do not talk about it because they don’t know anything about it – I would highly recommend this to anyone trying to regulate their periods and / or are trying to get pregnant. I also have a naturopath now too that also highly recommends this. GOOD LUCK TO ALL women out there who are almost finding it hopeless … there IS a way to fix yourself without the use of drugs !