Research and Health Benefits
Graviola is a real miracle from the rainforest. For a long time it has been widely applied by indigenous population to cure various illnesses and diseases. Graviola has been praised for its abilities to fight cancer cells, kill viruses, bacteria and parasites, as well as to lower blood pressure, calm nerves, and prevent depression. This has made Graviola very important and precious in natural herbal medicine.

The scientific researches of Graviola started in the 1940s and they are still underway. The results of the early studies have proved the plant’s antispasmodic (prevents or relieves spasms or convulsions), hypotensive (reduces blood pressure), cardiotonic (balances functioning of heart), and vasodilator properties. The further studies of Graviola extract have shown its antibacterial properties. Moreover, Graviola bark is believed to be a good antifungal agent (destroys fungi parasitic spores). The plant’s seeds are used to kill parasites. Another study proved a leaf extract to be effective against malaria.

In 1997 the scientists have isolated a set of novel alkaloids from the Graviola fruit. These chemicals are thought to be effective antidepressants, but at the same time specialists do not recommend eating too much of this fruit, because the compounds may be neurotoxic and cause atypical Parkinson’s disease.

There is no doubt that the results of the scientific researches mentioned above are very important. Nevertheless, scientists all over the world are more interested in anti-cancerous and anti-tumor properties of Graviola. Researching this Graviola potential started in 1976, when a plant screening program, initiated by the National Cancer Institute, discovered high activity of Graviola leaves and stem in fighting cancer cells. Another researches followed the initial trial and, as a result, the scientists isolated a set of chemicals called annonaceous acetogenins. These substances turned out to have strong anti-cancerous and anti-tumor properties.

Acetogenins are believed to slow down certain processes that take place only in cancer cells. This explains their selective toxicity: acetogenins destroy cancerous cells, but do not harm healthy ones. Furthermore, the researchers from the Purdue University published the statement in 1997, saying that acetogenins had the ability to kill cancerous cells that did not respond to traditional anti-cancer treatment. At the same time, these compounds had some analogy with the resistant cells. Graviola annonaceous acetogenins show positive results in the treatment of colon, breast, lung, ovarian, prostate, lymphoma, pancreatic, and cervical cancers. Acetogenins are said to be 10,000 times stronger in colon cancer cure than traditional adriamycin drug.

Many researches have already proved high effectiveness of Graviola as anti-cancerous and anti-tumor agent, but we still need more and more in vivo studies. Currently, pharmacists try to synthesize annonaceous acetogenins and create a new safe drug. However, some cancer patients do not wait until the final official results of Graviola research and decide to take Graviola extracts in the forms of food supplements.

In addition to all the “miraculous” properties, Graviola is also famous for its sedative properties. This is due to a serotonin uptake inhibitor that is found in the plant’s fruit. It is responsible for the experience of joy and mood elevation.

As you have seen, Graviola, a small tree from the rainforest, demonstrates wonderful healing properties and may be further used as an alternative treatment for many serious diseases.

eve2015-04-01 01:29:38
I used this product I had treatment for anemia I were losing blood from.unknownplaces I had a tumor fall out during mybladdermovin and my blood regulated itself I felt great it’s really a miracle
Lady Dee2015-01-26 08:23:24
this is interesting. i recommend Markizza soursop juice on amazon, the taste is just perfect.
Jackson2014-10-03 21:34:58
what I usually do I squeeze leaves from lemongrass and graviola and put both in a glass then pour with hot water, after 20 minutes I drink it, really slow down my blood pressure and help me feel free from stress
angie b2013-06-06 17:08:43
to those out there that feel weak dizzy or even have flu like symtoms its called die off from taken any form of antifungal but it will only last a few days just keep it up and you will reek the rewards of feeling better ,live well and god bless
beth2013-04-20 06:06:51
for years ive been into migraine . in fact last january, 2013 i had a vertigo maybe caused by the severe headache and i have to be on leave from office for one week . From then on, i tried drinking boiled guyabano leaves daily. To my surprise my migraine is now gone. Previously during summer season this migraine made me absences from office. I thank the guyabano leaves for this. My migraine is gone.
pat2013-03-28 22:06:40
My husband started taking 3 graviola capsules 500mg twice a day and it stopped the pain and twitching from neropathy in his feet, truely the only thing thats ever worked
stono2012-06-13 01:23:29
if graviola works why dont someone tell these pharmaceutical companies we dont trust what they say they always put a downer on something that works
oreo2012-06-04 15:38:56
for cancer fighting purposes, is Graviola recommended taken as a tea or in capsule form? Cancer in abdominal wall, lungs, & liver. Kindly respond ASAP. Thankyou.
Anonymous2012-05-12 11:52:53
just search on the internet and you can find how to prefer graviola leaves. God Bless!
Saba 2012-04-14 23:10:46
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tessie2012-03-23 19:13:30
My intestine is bulging and doctor says, its incisitional hernia, could it be possible that dringking guyabano leaves could cure this… Please let me know ASAP.
marissa2012-03-14 00:38:30
@miss apple- maybe the pain that your mom is experiencing is the effect that the graviola is taking effect to her body. Nothing to worry just continue taking graviola tea.
apple2012-01-03 19:09:27
my mother has always drik a boiled guyabano of drinking a water but she said her body muscles was pain.. it is natural effect of the guyabano soup? or its better to stop it,, pls kindly answer thank you
jing2011-09-17 07:19:58
we have lots of graviola tree in our backyard , we love these fruits and its my favorite..its just fall down the tree when its question is what is the difference of our graviola than any graviola in amazon jungle that claims to have the better effects in curing cancer..for me its the same graviola..
Angie2011-08-18 09:24:57
I have been fighting gastric cancer for two years now. I have even had the HIPEC surgery and currently in remission but on oral chemo called Xeloda. I have been very blessed by God for I feel so well. I currently just got a bottle of Graviola in capsule form. I take two a day, including Essiac tea capsules, those are the major two supplements and the rest are vitamins. I am wanting to know if taking the Xeloda oral chemo along with the Graviola is advisable. I do have a naturopathic doctor but have not discussed this with her. I would like to hear from anyone that has this experience quickly. My email address is
Dens2011-08-16 22:22:14
cool.. I used to eat this fruit almost everyday (during its season) back in my childhood days in the province.. i remember can still remember its soury taste and its white fleshy and smooth texture when it is already ripe and ready to be eaten. I will tell my father to plant more of this in our backyard.. Thanks for this highly valuable info…
fm05302011-08-16 09:14:41
To lower blood pressure…Boil 7 leaves to 7 cups of water until it becomes 4 cups…if it falls short ad hot water to make it 4 cups . Let it cool then drink it 4 x a day. Do it for 3 days then take a look at your blood pressure.
herbsheal2011-07-25 14:54:26
I know someone who had colon cancer. Doctors wanted him to get chemo and radiation. He refused and took graviola instead. After about 3 months he went for x-rays. The doctors were surprised to notice the tumor had shrunk! He never told them he was taking graviola because most doctors know nothing about herbs or natrual remedies unless you are a naturopath or herbalist. Many can spare themselves of surgery and look into herbs/leaves for healing of disease naturally. THANK YOU GOD FOR PLANTS AND FOODS THAT HEAL 🙂
Geon2011-06-05 23:19:49
Although Graviola can be found anywhere, that doesn’t mean it contain acetogenin that kills cancer cells. The only company that I think could provide the most effective Graviola is charge-on International Because they provide 100% pure and fresh Graviola Tea made from bark & stem not a capsules or tablet.
Anonymous2011-04-25 12:58:36
I have a friend diagnosed with breast cancer. She is having a recurrence and is taking chemo. She is quite nauseated as a result. I will look for the graviola capsules. In the meantime, how can we prepare the graviola leaves? I have a tree in my backyard. Thanks for a response from somebody. I trust in God. My e-mail address is