Information about Cordyceps is very controversial for the time being: this mushroom is believed (by both traditional herbalists and many Western scientists) to be one of the most potent and health improving herbs in the world; on the other hand, modern science has very little knowledge about it, the majority of facts and results being taken from the studies done by the Chinese scientists.

Cordyceps belongs to the family of numerous mushrooms, which are, actually, parasitic organisms, growing wildly on the caterpillars in the high plateaus of China, Nepal, and Tibet. The fruiting body of Cordyceps looks like grass. That is why it is called Winter Worm – Summer Grass besides Deer Fungus, Caterpillar Fungus, and Aweto.

Among the numerous species Cordyceps sinensis is the most famous due to its curing properties. The Chinese discovered its power many centuries ago, having noticed that sheep, grazed on Cordyceps, were stronger and healthier. Traditional herbalists began using the fungus for curing many diseases in humans. Cordyceps was believed to be a cure-all herb, able to fortify all the body systems, providing anti-aging, immune boosting, and strength increasing effects. This mushroom was especially popular for its ability to improve male sexual function, working as an aphrodisiac. Its influence on the human organism was often compared to that of ginseng.

The Western world got acquainted with Cordyceps not so long time ago, mainly due to the works and research of Dr. Georges Halpern, a physician and professor emeritus with the University of Hong Kong, and the author of several books about this fungus. He and other scientists and herbalists confirm that the mushroom can:

– stimulate the immune system; – cure sexual dysfunction in men; – maximize body oxygen uptake; – build muscles; – improve kidney, liver, and lung functioning; – provide anti-aging effect…

The list of what is stated is not complete.

At the same time, the mechanism of Cordyceps activity in the human body is not known. The fungus effects are connected with its components, which are classified as “host defense potentiators” (HDPs): polysaccharides, ophiocordin (an antibiotic compound), cordypyridones, nucleosides, bioxanthracenes, sterols, alkenoic acids, hemicellulose, triterpeniods, complex starches and exo-polymers. Special emphasis is made on two chemicals, which are believed to be active Cordyceps compounds: cordycepin (deoxyadenosine) and cordycepic acid (mannitol).Many scientists, though, are positive that combinations of the above mentioned ingredients are to produce the health benefits in humans and animals.

Although, wild Cordyceps are said to be the most powerful, they are quite expensive and difficult to buy in many parts of the world. Therefore, the cultivated forms of the fungus, grown on the soybeans, are the most popular and widely spread. Many manufacturers use not Cordyceps sinensis, but its substitutes (C. ophioglossoides, C. capita, and C. militaris) in their commercial preparations.

It is said that Cordyceps is safe to use even for a long period. Still, it is up to the consumers to decide, since many questions about the fungus remain open.

2015-09-24 14:33:15
I use cordyceps for depression and it works great it also gives me energy but you build a tolerance to it and need more overtime. it also may increase blood pressure.
2015-05-17 12:53:26
I see a lot of questions here, but not so many answers… Is the fungus dead/dried as a medication? I don’t want to take a live „zombie fungus”! 🙂 I have asthma and cough… a lot…. will this help? Nothing else really controls my cough but prednisone, unfortunately. I also have sleep issues…. as in, I don’t… will this help? Thanks!
2014-06-12 04:34:52
I have heard that codyceps can cause inflammation, I think from increased blood flow… I do not believe this to be true though based on all the other info and how immune boosters tend to be anti-inflammatory. The issue has to do with recovering from surgery and not wanting scar tissue to build up causing problems. If someone is taking immune suppressants isolated as an eye drop to prevent scaring of the tissue then should cordyceps be avoided which would boost the whole of the immune system? I hear the immune system is a system of many functions so could the cordyceps boost the whole of it and then have a specific area still be affected by the immune suppressant eye drops?
2013-08-27 05:12:32
having severe menopausal symptoms for 4 years; especially hot flushes. Due to lack of sleep over a four year period and being constantly drained through the flushes (some days one every 20 minutes) I was constantly tired and low in mood. My GP put me on anti-depressants as HRT was not advisable due to my medical history and the side effects could help with the sweating. These did not work and made me feel like I was going mad.
A chinese accupuncturist put me onto Cordyceps and I have not felt so well in years and NO hot flushes. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Your F
2013-07-22 08:03:43
i have Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is chronic lung disease.Cordyceps is appropriate to treat this disease?….what more appropriate herbs.. Help Me, Please!
2012-06-10 07:22:48
Daughter suffering effects from H1N1..2 1/2 yrs now; she has compromised immune system; aspergillosis, 55 per cent lumg capacity; she is 47 and has 3 small children. taking immunoglobulin infusions each month; high steroids so she can breathe and function. oxygen at night. thank for comments.
2012-05-05 00:22:54
Am taking plavix daily. Is is ok to take cordycepes as I feel very tired and would like to have more energy
2012-04-17 19:09:01
Started taking cordyceps two weeks now, feeling sad/depressed, very anxious not sure if its a side effect or its just the way I feel, any body else having such reaction please share
2012-03-25 21:18:58
can cordyceps cure my illness that is chronic iga nepropathy?
2012-03-24 20:24:25
to bob go to my website if you drink coffee ganoderma mushroom herb infused in our coffee tea&hotchocolate; has help alot of my customers stand up tall if you not happy my number on site i will send you your money back
2012-03-21 22:13:52
@zombiefungus-Just look at the game The Last Of Us made by Naughty Dog:P But no, it would have to severely mutate to affect the human body. It takes over the brain of the host and kills it. The Human brain is too complex for it to evolve that far. Plus if it did, we would definately tell if it was, and we would be sure to get rid of it before it spread. Its a perfectly safe fungus to humans:)
2012-03-15 11:16:42
I am interested in Tim’s question last fall about autoimmune diseases. Just started taking cordyceps through an elder tcm practitioner who claims great results for folks with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I have both, plus kidney issues. Anyone have any testimonials?
2012-02-26 10:26:27
Hi rosee7

Cordyceps can lower your blood pressure in a week if you are taking two tablets (525mg)twice a day. You may have to cut down the dosage of Atacand to half. I am assuming that your body weight is around 90 kg.

2012-02-13 23:16:14
just started cordyceps for lung hypertension, need to increase oxygen …anyone else use for this? got a headache and chest pain but will lower dose and keep taking to see if helps…advise if you have had benefit…
2012-02-11 15:01:03
This message is for J. who rote about having vision problems on March 21, 2011.I believe he was experiencing „Optical Migraines” I have suffered from these for many years and now find the best thing to take for them is Lutein and if you can get it Occuvite for the eyes. Ask your doctor about it but don’t take drugs. The cordyceps where most likely not the cause of this. It comes on for other reasons including aging…protect your eyes. Also taking anti-inflammatories like Cat’s Claw and Glucosamine Chondriton help alot (not drugs like Advil or Ibpropin. Stick with your Cordyceps there are huge benefits form them. Good luck.
2012-01-09 17:37:01
cordyceps is not generally indicated per se for hot flashes, since it is warming and drying, and could even exacerbate the condition. it is a great kidney tonic but there are way more appropriate formulas for post-menopausal symptoms such as restorative tablets by seven forests. if yr already warm/hot don’t take cordyceps unless you balance it out with yin herbs. be smart, go to a good practitioner and forget about self-diagnosis via internet
2011-12-10 15:13:19
Has anybody been worried by how this fungi grows in nature? It takes over the mind of the insect it infects drives it mad shoots spores out of it’s head and infects all around it. If it found a way to evolve to the human body….
2011-11-29 01:46:02
What is the ingredient of Cordyceps?
2011-10-28 10:17:26
To Api, your allergic reaction could be to the fish in the gelatin capsule, in the New Chapter formulation. My son is mildly allergic to fish, so the same thing happened to him.
2011-10-25 17:46:38
can cordycops help improve creatine in kidney, and strengthen the heart, and lower ringing soundin ear