Yohimbe – Herb of Controversy and Potential

Yohimbe comes from the inner bark of West African evergreen trees called pausinystalia yohimbe and Corynanthe yohimbe found primarily in Cameroon, Gabon, and Zaire. The active ingredient is an alkaloid called yohimbine, which is found in higher concentrations in the pausinystalia yohimbe. Pausinystalia yohimbe is verging on extinction due to over harvesting by pharmaceutical companies. Yohimbine has been isolated and is available in prescription form for impotence. Yohimbe the herb, while containing yohimbine, also contains other compounds and can have additional effects.

Traditionally yohimbe bark has been used in Africa to treat fevers, coughs, and leprosy. Often yohimbe tea was taken by warriors in preparation for battle. Yohimbe was also taken during fertility celebrations, mating and marriage rituals. It has been used as a topical anesthetic slightly milder than cocaine, and a hallucinogen when smoked. Yohimbe’s most common, modern use is as a sexual enhancer.

Little clinical research has been done to prove the effects of yohimbe or yohimbine, but in practical application it has proven to be effective in treating impotence and frigidity. It’s efficacy for women is often overlooked, however it works the same way in both women and men with similar results. Increased blood flow to the genitals and increased brain activity make it a double whammy as an aphrodisiac.

The benefits of yohimbe are a subject of much controversy. Yohimbe is used to help build muscle, improve sexual function, reduce anxiety, elevate mood, and prevent heart attacks. Because it stimulates the central nervous system, it has been used to treat narcolepsy and for weight loss. Yohimbe increases fatty acid mobilization, decreasing fat synthesis, which means it not only aids in weight loss, but actual fat reduction. Yohimbe is popular with bodybuilders. By stimulating the production of testosterone, it can help build muscle mass.

Yohimbe is a vasodilator increasing blood flow to the extremities, a nootrpoic substance increasing brain activity, and an anti-oxidant. While it has been used to prevent heart problems, it can be unsafe for people who have heart problems. Yohimbe can raise or lower blood pressure and therefore has been used to treat both high and low blood pressure, but can be dangerous for people with either condition.

Yohimbe should not be taken in conjunction with tyramine which is found in cheese, liver, red wine, chocolate, beer, nuts, aged or smoked meats, sauerkraut, and yeast. Tyramine affects blood pressure. Yohimbe affects how the body processes tyramine, and the combination can be very dangerous.

Yohimbe blocks monoamine oxidase (MAO), dopamine and serotonin. Blocking MAO can help with depression. Blocking dopamine and serotonin can make depression worse.

Recent studies have shown that Yohimbe can be helpful when taken in conjunction with some antidepressant drugs, both by increasing the efficacy of the drugs and by reducing impotence often caused by antidepressant medications. Other studies have shown that yohimbe can be dangerous when taken in conjunction with antidepressants.

Yohimbe can have great physical and mental benefits when taken with caution and under professional supervision. While much more research is needed, yohimbe has great potential as both a complementary and a stand alone herb.

Yohimbe should not be taken by people with heart problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, kidney disease, those who are pregnant, or taking antidepressants.

2016-11-12 02:18:56
Works alright. But the dosage is a little bit off.. for example I took 2 earlier this week and it did absolutely nothing. Took 2 yesterday and literally couldn’t sleep a wink. Throwing up. Heart racing. Cold sweats. Not good… it’s best to stay away from this stuff..
2014-10-21 13:29:48
I\’ve done Yohimbe for a couple of months now (here,we directly chew the tree bark.So, I chew about 3cm square of the tree bark every morning fasted).The first days, I was horny like hell,could hardly conceal my boners which is something I liked but this effect faded after about a month.My greatest benefit is that I have started feeling normal again after 3 years of mild depression. I don\’t mean feeling high but normal ,a lot of mental energy and motivation…I feel alive again!Has anybody felt this effect?
2014-01-31 01:09:28
You can and will snort it in tiny bumps. It is awsome.
2013-05-28 10:51:08
Keep the dosage low. This has helped me to lose 22Kgs sofar – and maintain a healthy level of energy. I don’t experiment using this with other substances. Yes, admittantly, I do get occasional heart racing, but reduce my usage/stop for a bit when this happens. Dont take this for long periods. This definitely stimulates your sex drive. The effects can be positive. Coupled with the weight loss, this has corrected other symptoms I had felt before using it. I have stopped retaining water, I battled badly with chronic fatigue syndrome before taking this – and now feel energised and alive again. Used excessively is irresponsible and harmful.
2012-10-02 11:56:20
Hey guys. I have been using yohimbe on & off and has more good to say than bad. Gives me a good workout in gym , very horny after for hours, erections are even more strong and my semen is alot more than when not taking. Yes I get a bit nervous & heart palpitations but I am careful with my doses and pay attention to my body’s reaction for side effects. Overall a good product . will continue using. Best is the horny all day feeling.
2012-06-04 13:41:38
Sometimes when I take yohimbe I notice no side effects other than sweat on my upper lip. Other times it feels like I’m going to jump out of my skin! Other side effect I have is that my fingers get really cold. I have heard of that one before on other blogs… as a man I am rarely cold even in cold weather but this stuff makes my fingers feel like they will get frostbite even in summer…
Hugh Jorgan
2012-05-25 16:37:36
After taking this stuff I was re-named „tripod” by the ladies. My bell-end grew large and veiny about 2 hours after taking it right in the middle of my workout. I was doing bench presses when I noticed a small circle gather around me to observe. After that, I slid on a few 45’s around it and did some squats. My legs are still sore! I even used my new found peninsula to push the button on the water fountain for the woman standing line ahead of me. She was thankful and we bumped fists. I even helped spot her on squats, lifting from the bottom with my hands on her shoulders. Don’t drive while taking it or you’re likely to unintentionally hit the gas petal without using your feet. This yohimbe stuff sure does come in handy!
2012-04-12 16:43:02
Hi mates, yes it works (actually), but it seems that one table spoon with vitamine C was more that was needed.
Side effects runs – anxienty.
The rest of Yohimbe finished in bin, once overdose is enough…
2012-04-04 19:24:07
It’s good stuff. You shouldn’t take more than 225mg at a time. For the best sex you will ever have, take it with horny goat weed, dhea, and milk thistle, or take with a crunk energy drink and dhea. I buy 450mg tablets, 90 per bottle @ gnc, I cut them in half.
2011-12-15 21:44:22
this stuff made my heart rate beat super fast throughout the day i took it in the morning and at about 12 o clock i felt that i could bench like 200 pounds this stuff makes you super moody i took 2 brown tablets of yohimbe last weak and had innercoarse the ercetion was good so was the intercoarse but i started pukeing later on and felt a heart beat in my stomach i recomend that people use this with cautio may give the feel like cocaine but the side effects of yohimbe really sucks after it wears off
2011-11-06 03:01:31
It works good, although HORRIBLE side effects! I get so anxious and have nausea, also felt fatal, epiliptic and almost called 911. I’ll never take yohimbe again.
2011-09-11 20:47:16
I used yohimbine in excess, just for fun. turns out my cock grew 3 inches longer and I could actually fellate myself! this is every mans dream! I came in my own mouth and now I’m pregnant.
2011-06-11 20:02:09
please be aware … i found that there was a HUGE difference in effect between yohimbe powder (just the dried bark) and yohimbine (the extracted active ingredient). yohimbine was MUCH better tolerated, i had no problem with racing heart and less of a problem with sleeping. yohimbine is usually a white powder compared to yohimbe which is a tan or brown color. i only ever take the stuff in the morning; for me the effects last 12 to 15 hours. stick with yohimbine and avoid yohimbe.
2011-05-15 02:33:42
I used to take it. Made me hard. Quit taking it for a year. Took 4000mg yesterday and slept 2 hours last night. Can’t sleep. I’ve never had this affect from yohimbe before.
2011-04-20 09:44:16
to smith – u are a dussy
2011-04-04 14:54:26
This stuff works. The first time i took it, it was too much. but i had the hardest penis i had in a long time. I’m 37. Now am trying it in different doses. But It works!
2011-03-29 13:31:37
Took it for the first time last night..had some sort of allergic reaction..heart palpitations..heart rate increaed…nevertheless…its good stuff
2011-02-02 08:15:12
Took Yohimbe for a few days back in high school early 90’s , cant believe no one mentioned the huge loads you blow!
My buddy thought it was BS and ate a handful of the pills, if I recall they were 1000MG pills. I saw him a couple days later and his face was covered with acne and he told me he had a rough couple days. In conclusion I know this herb is effective but also powerful so be careful.
2011-01-27 15:12:50
I take 450mg of yohimbe with 2 gamma-o pills and rub andractim cream on my torso every morning, then to the gym for great workouts. After that I fell like having sex all day ( and sometimes do!).
No side effects. Oh yea…I’m 53 years old.
2011-01-13 17:57:52
i use a product called red line for energy during my workouts,not knowing the yohimbine in it makes you hard,this was a pleasurable experiance slash side efect i did not expect.now i use it for a hard on with a side efect of energy for working out…great stuff at 37yo